Intoduction to the Car Subwoofer

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A subwoofer is the part of the audio speaker system in a home or auto system that reproduces the bass frequencies. Small speakers which are typically part of a small system will usually reproduce frequencies as low as 40 HZ particularly when the decibels rise above 100. A cone subwoofer will reproduce the bass tones from about 20 HZ down to 200 HZ, the point where the sound is as much vibration as tone.

The first known occurrence in a recording was the use of the subwoofer in "Pretzel" the Steely Dan album released after 1970 when the speakers were invented. The sound is actually produced by the drivers, which can range from 8" up to as large as 34". Typically drivers found in movie theaters, concerts, radio stations and live records in the 15 to 18 inch range. Part of the excitement of a live concert is the intense vibrations which emit from the enormous subwoofers.

A auto stereo system which comes from the factory usually does not include car audio subwoofers, aficionados of the hottest systems find they need to add aftermarket car stereo subwoofers.


It is common for subwoofers to be installed in the trunk of the car, since better sound quality is gained by separating the car subwoofers from the balance of the stereo system. The process for installing car stereo subwoofers is somewhat complicated, so it is recommended that you buy the subwoofer enclosures prefab. The first step is to remove the carpet or flooring material from the trunk and thoroughly clean the area. Apply sound deadening material such as Dynamat or Accumat to glue coated and cleaned metal of the trunk floor. Once the sound deadening material is in place, a roller will help to bond the two surfaces together, then replace the carpeting. Now it's time to place the subwoofer enclosure itself. Following the instructions for the amplifier, wire the car subwoofers into the two rear audio rear speakers.

It's wise to play around with the positioning of the subwoofer box before permanent installation is made to determine where the best sound results occur. The subwoofer boxes can face the front or rear of the automobile with different sounding results. Once you have made the decision as to where the subwoofer enclosure will be place, drill and mount the brackets in the correct place to hold the subwoofer box firmly in place.


Some car audio subwoofers seem to be in competition to produce sound pressure levels that are dangerous to one's hearing, especially in the confines of the automobile. These cars with their sound pressure levels in the red-line area of permanent hearing loss are not able to produce good sound quality, but the quality is less important than sound pressure.

To enhance the vibratory effect of the stereo system, a new devices called subwoofer boxes which transmit vibrations when attached to furniture. These subwoofer enclosures provide the feel of the big subwoofers without attendant hearing loss.

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