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A car audio show is one of the most thrilling things in car audio. They bring together people of different backgrounds who share a common love for car audio and competition.

There are four major car audio show competition organizations. If you think competing is right for you then these shows are among the best to attend. Not all car audio show organizations are available in all areas.

Car Audio Show Organizations


it is the oldest car audio competition organization and also the largest. IASCA has traditionally been associated with sound quality competitions. Recently they have added the IDBL and SPL category as well.


USAC has become a major player in the "sound off" scene. USAC also has two competition formats on sound quality (basic and advanced categories) and sound pressure level.

3. DB Drag Racing

It was started and led by veteran competitor and sound off legend, Wayne Harris. DB Drag Racing is just what the name implies. The measurements that are displayed on a large drag racing type look like a tree and are very exciting to watch too.


MECA is the new thing. MECA classes its competitors by the extent of vehicle modification. They have Amateur, Stock, Modified, Custom and Master categories. They also offer SPL classes in each category.


SLAP is an acronym for "Sound Looks And its Performance." SLAP has three divisions. Among those, two are audio related. SLAP dB is the SPL competition and is classed by the total square inches of your woofers rather than power.

If you think you have what it takes to compete, check if you qualify. However, my advice is that you first take out time to witness whichever car audio competition you intend to participate in. Also take out time to read magazines that showcase different competition setups.

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