Car Audio Wiring

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A significant part of your entire car audio system consists of just wires. There are all kinds of cables and wires involved in installing a car audio system. You have power wires, speaker wires, amplifier cables, power capacitors, and what not. It is always better to be equipped with at least the basics before you go in for car audio installation.

The power wire is an important part of the amplifier installation. Select the proper gauge and fusing. A proper gauge prevents the amplifier from being choked off by the size limitations of the wire. Choose power wires with lots of strands, so that they are easier to install and don't break while passing through the numerous corners of the car. The jacket of the wire should be of a material, which can resist chemicals like oil and battery acids, which can wreak havoc on substandard wires.

You can go for wires with large number of strands for the car audio speaker wires. The jacket is not that important in this case, because the speaker is not placed in regions where it could encounter chemicals, as in the case of power wires. Oxygen free copper wiring is always recommended for car audio speaker wires. The size of the speaker wiring depends on the power going in to your speakers and the total length between the amplifier and the speakers.

Signal cables are otherwise known as RCA cables and assume importance for their noise rejection properties. Try and go in for a quality RCA cable, which would ensure trouble free performance in the long run. It is recommended that you go in for "twisted pair" cables. They are better at noise reduction. Needless to say, the quality of wires connecting car audio power capacitors and batteries should also be good.

One can find extensive information on car audio wiring by visiting online resources on the subject. Perhaps car audio professionals are best placed to offer you great advice on car audio wiring.

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