What Is A Car Subwoofer?

by Richard Davies - Date: 2007-01-27 - Word Count: 377 Share This!

Do you know what a car subwoofer is? Would you like to find out? In essence it is a speaker not in a box enclosure ( although they can and are often put in boxes ) with extra power running to it courtesy of an amplifier. The purpose of a car sub woofer is to deliver low frequency bass sounds in the music being played. Usually the octaves consistently delivered by sub woofers are missing from normal range car audio systems with speakers. Some music is specially created specifically for bass and are commonly known as bass tracks.

Not All Car Subwoofers Are The Same:

Basically subwoofers are of either a passive or powered type. A passive subwoofer setup will get its' power from the car audio system. A powered type of setup will get its power delivered independently of the car audio system being used. Car subwoofers are commonly put into box enclosures that they are mounted on and then placed into a suitable place in the car which is usually the boot area. Car subs vary significantly in size with usual ranges being from 8 inches to 60 inches. These days you can pick them up relatively cheap online from places such as ebay.

Car Subwoofer Setup Arrangement:

So far we know most subs are mounted in boxes but they can also come in a tube mounted format. Typically a sub will have an amplifier connected to deliver the power required. The power delivery requirements are significant so for that reason an amp is pretty much a necessity. They also typically take up a lot of space so be prepared to give up that room in order to accommodate your car subwoofer. You can find more info on setup arrangements at http://www.subwoofersinformation.com

Buying Your Own Car Subwoofer

Go for the best one that your budget can withstand. If you can't quite afford the good ones in retail outlets then have a look at online auction sites such as ebay. There are some real bargains on there. Remember, buying a used car subwoofer in great condition and decent quality could be better than buying a new one that isn't very good. Even though car subwoofers are considered a luxury item, many car audiophiles would not go without this piece of kit in their setup.

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