Entertaining Printout Games for Relieving the Stress on Road Trips

by Craig Thornburrow - Date: 2008-06-15 - Word Count: 504 Share This!

Using printout games on a road trip is a brilliant way to occupy your child/children. Because as we all know there is nothing worse than a bored child on a long trip. When your children become bored they first begin to aggravate each other which in turns aggravates the adults in the vehicle making for a miserable trip. So there is a way to keep everyone happy in the vehicle, play some road games.

There are many vehicles that have family entertainment built right in but for those of us that cannot afford these types of vehicles there is a cost effective way to occupy your children, printout games off the computer. It is quick and easy and gives you and your family a way to interact with each other as you go through your travels.

When you begin to look online for these games to printout you want to look for websites that offer these types of games for free. There are dozens of websites that will allow you to do so. All you need to do is search for them on any of the search engines and you will get a list of the websites. Then just find the game you would like to print out and hit the print button and you should get a printable version of the game/s.

Another thing to look for is age appropriateness when you are printing out the games. Most of the websites will offer a wide variety of games to choose from and you should be able to tell if they are appropriate for your child. You can find lots of games such as connect-the-dots, tic tac toe, word scrambles, and rhyme games, the license plate game, and find the animal games. When you print these games many of them also have a list rules that you can also print.

If you preplan your trip you can make the printouts to be reusable. What you do is print out the game of your choice and then take the game to be laminated. It is a relatively cheap process and you can keep the games and reuse them on future trips. This will also give your children more options. For example you can print out several different word scrambles and once your child completes one they can erase it and pass it over to their siblings so they can do it also.

Just make sure if you are going to laminate them that you purchase erasable markers also. So when you are planning a road trip make sure you also plan for your children to be occupied. This will help to alleviate bickering and arguing which will help make the trip more pleasant for both the children and the parents. Having a variety of games that are printed out is a great economical idea to help entertain your children and still let them interact with one another. So take some time and get printout games off the internet and if you have time get them laminated so they are reusable.

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