Decorating Kitchen Walls With Visual Allure

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There is a room in every home that becomes the heart and center of one's surroundings. For some this room might be the family room, library or home office. In the majority of households today the room that seems to have the most congestion and activities that take place is the kitchen. We seem to gather in the kitchen with laughter and tales of the day. This place does much more for the human sole than just provide a place to fill one's stomach.

In most home designs the kitchen is the focal point. From most other rooms of the home you are able to see right into the kitchen. Because of this feature the kitchen becomes an important feature of your home decor.

Kitchen wall treatments are the key to decorating this busy room. Different wall treatments can be used to define a space by changing the texture, material or color. Kitchen wall treatments can create a space within a space.

It is best to decide which wall in the kitchen will be the focal point and then treat that space differently from those spaces around it. Experiment with different tones and shades and try varying the depth and texture for a truly unique concept.

A distinctive tile backsplash has the ability to create s focal point in the room. It is usually small and inexpensive. The visual impact you will achieve is hard to compare to other decorating techniques. This area gets so many splatters, so the backsplash is both decorative and functional. You can use ceramic, mosaic glass or stainless steel for easy clean up.

The colors you use in the kitchen can have a profound effect on the mood or ambience of the room. It is important to maintain balance with your own tastes in order to create perfect harmony. Using dark colors as accents gives a feeling of warmth and comfort. Colors such as red and orange can speed up your metabolism and make you hungry. Use these colors sparingly since they tend to also cause aggression.

Paint is the kitchen wall treatment that is the easiest to change, clean and least expensive of all. In most homes there are walls that are in less than perfect condition and it is hard to hide defects with paint alone. There are wall coverings that offer dimensions, warmth and eye appeal with surprisingly easy care.

There are many wallpaper options that run the gamut from contemporary to traditional. There are also tiles that were once strictly used for floors that are now being applied to walls for texture and visual allure.

Wallpaper can drastically change the look of your kitchen. There is self adhesive wallpaper available which is easy to install. Vinyl material is best suited for kitchens since it is easy to clean and very durable. It comes in a vast array of colors and patterns. Tiles can be more creative and will let you experiment with different tones. Tiles come in many different materials, shapes and styles.

Wallpaper borders can also be used to bring depth to your kitchen. If you do not like borders where the patterns keep repeating try a border that tells you a story. You can use wallpaper cut-outs and hand painted words that will make your family and friends feel comfortable. This will also be a conversation starter when neighbors arrive for a visit. Wallpaper borders are also not expensive and you do not need any special skills to apply wallpaper borders.

Another idea for the not so perfect wall is wood wall paneling. This decor gives your wall visual interest and one of its advantages is it is easy to maintain. Smudges and fingerprints do not show up easily, so you do not have to worry if somebody drops by unexpectedly.

For a bit of comfort and attractive appeal try wall plaques. This is a simple way to increase relaxation and beauty. If you have an unused wall or nook, make this space into a functional decorative storage space. Try hanging shelves for stylish organization. You might also try a fancy wrought iron hanger so that you can place your decorative plates along the wall. If your kitchen has a certain theme, you can purchase plates that match or compliment the theme. Framed family photos or cooking utensils placed just right can give you that pizzazz that you are looking for.

To give you that outdoor feeling indoors, a great idea is to hang metal wall planters. They are a versatile form of art that can transform you kitchen into a room with designer appeal. The metal wall planters can be modified with different flowers and foliage. They never look tired or outdated.

Now all you need to do is grab a pen and paper, make yourself a cup of coffee and sit at your kitchen table. Gaze out at your kitchen walls and let the creative side of you come alive. Let your imagination run wild and in no time you will create the kitchen of your dreams that will fit your personality and charm.

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