How Your Choice of Living Room Tables Reflects Your Personality

by Jane Worthington - Date: 2008-11-26 - Word Count: 419 Share This!

Did you know that the type of furniture you purchase actually tells others what kind of person you are? I am not referring to your decorating skills, which clearly reflect your taste and style, but I mean the actual piece of furniture itself. For instance, there are the individuals who have to have the high, four-poster, king-sized bed and then there are those who are content with a futon. They are both comfortable bedding options; however, those who like one most likely would not like the other. Futon-lovers generally prefer their home to be simple and feel open, while four-poster bed lovers prefer their decor to be extravagant and luxurious. One of the most telling pieces of furniture is living room tables. Are you ready to see what your living room furniture says about you? Just read on to find out!

A coffee table. This standard piece of furniture may seem common to many homes, however, it is used very differently from household to household. If you love to entertain, your table is sparking clean with a few magazines or an interesting book and elegant coasters available for when friends come to visit. If, on the other hand, you prefer time to yourself, you might not even know your coffee table exists because it is under a pile of old mail, books, and coffee mugs. Regardless of what type of coffee table person you are, you definitely enjoy putting your feet up and drinking coffee.

A buffet table. This table usually sits on the edge of the room and either acts as decoration or, if it has cabinets, as storage space. People who own buffet tables have great taste. They know how to add subtle elegance to a room without making it too flashy. Buffet cabinet owners also know how to make to stay organized. Those who are practical use this decorative piece to display framed photos as well, making the most out of this piece.

An end table. End tables sit on the side of the couch or next to the recliner living room chair and are great for those who need a convenient place for the remote control or a place to put your soda or popcorn bowl. The people who purchase end tables are "no frills" individuals who prefer practical pieces instead of decorative ones.

It is amazing that a person's choice of living room tables or sideboards can tell so much about their personality! Good luck finding the tables that fit the best with your lifestyle!

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