Deciding on a Maternity Formal Dress

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You have just gotten off the phone with one of your friends from college. She has just told you that she is going to get married in about six months. You know you will be invited and you would not miss it for the world. You know you will not be able to choose something from your closet for this wedding. You are pregnant and by the time of the wedding you will need a maternity formal dress.

Being pregnant is a special time. It is also one that has the challenges of finding and fitting into the right maternity clothes. The following are some ideas to make this issue easier for you in getting ready for the wedding of your friend.

Do not buy your dress too far in advance. If this is your first pregnancy you are just not going to know how your body is going to be in six months. You may not be showing now but in six months you will. You do not know how much your belly will protrude. You also do not know how much other weight you will gain and where you will put it on. You may gain size in your chest, bottom, and thighs at different rates.

Wait to buy the dress until just about a month before the event. A better sense will be had of how maternity clothes are fitting you at that time. Leave a little bit of room to grow. Do not buy the dress to fit exactly at this point. You can have it tailored if need be before the event.

It is recommended that you buy a dress especially made for pregnant women. A dress that is just a larger size will work but it just will not be as flattering. It is a choice you can make if you just cannot find anything else. You also do not want to rely on borrowing a maternity dress from a friend. You want to look great and their dress may just not fit or be in style when it comes time for the wedding.

While it is suggested to wait and purchase the dress until closer to the date you will want to start getting an idea of where you want to buy the dress from. Look for stores in your area that specialize in maternity wear or wedding and formal dresses. These stores may also offer tailoring services so you can make sure your selection fits well.

You can begin to get an idea of the type of dress you want to be looking at for when you go to try them on. Your friend will have given you an idea of the formality of the wedding and time of day. You can even research possibilities on the internet.

If there is not a store that you can get to that sells these types of dresses there are options. One option is to shop online. You can find maternity wear online with a little searching. You should check on their return policy because you will want to purchase at least a couple of dresses to get one to fit properly.

Another option for a maternity formal dress is to have it made from a pattern from a local fabric store. You can either make it yourself or have someone you know with this talent make the dress. Sometimes seamstresses will advertise their skills in your local telephone book.

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