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Chinoiserie Set from Dwell is one of the latest in table linens, with pear bells that hang from vines on one side and stripes on the reverse. The up-and-coming company was founded by fashion designer Christiane Lemieux who takes her inspiration from modern architecture and graphic design. Dwell has been featured in numerous publications such as Domino, Elle and In Style among others. Dwell linens are woven of 100% combed Egyptian cotton, 210 thread count. To ensure long-lasting vibrancy, the linens are printed with special dyes that promote colorfastness.

Dwell's 2007 chinoiserie collection is about what's modern now. By reducing the decorative to its essential elements, dwell has reinterpreted ornamentation in a fresh, minimal style for the contemporary home. Attention to detail makes this collection distinctive and unique - from the rich hand of the fabrics to the addition of woven linen trim and fine tailoring.

Dwell is going dark, baby. We couldn't believe their new line of higher quality, dark urban funk. While it smacks a little bit of MTV Cribs, it was so refreshing to see the changes. The tabletop was particularly nice and much more tasteful. Please purchase on online www.etabletop.com

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