A Christmas for Goldilocks

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Because of an approaching world wide celebration, bakeries in all parts of the world are now anticipating the demand for their cakes. Bakeries in the Philippines have also joined the cause of preparing for a grand occasion to come, the Christmas day.

Goldilocks Bakery is among of those popular bakeries in the Philippines that had been used to providing the best collection of premium cakes for such a time like the Christmas seasons.

<a href="http://www.expressregalo.com/category.aspx?scid=45&cid=14">Goldilocks Bakery</a>, or commonly known as simply Goldilocks, is a bakery founded in the Philippines that specializes in providing a wide collection of premium cakes and pastries. Goldilocks also specializes in providing cakes for different special events such as for kiddie birthdays, wedding cakes, and other premium cakes for other special occasions such as anniversaries and especially Christmas.

<a href="http://www.expressregalo.com/category.aspx?scid=45&cid=14">Goldilocks Bakery</a> was opened in 1966 as a family business and started in a one-door apartment of a two-story structure on Pasong Tamo Street, Makati City. At that time, Goldilocks was only starting out as a bakery that sells some of the most scrumptious collection of cakes that was ahead of its time. Then it grew and decided that the time for expanding its reaches has come.

Goldilocks now holds branches not only throughout the Philippines, but also in the United States (currently confined to California and two locations in Las Vegas, Nevada) and there are two outlets in Vancouver, Canada, where they cater for the Filipino expatriate communities there.

And since then, it expanded its branches in an out of the Philippines, and now, Goldilocks holds 192 branches in and outside of the country.

Through its success, Goldilocks also introduced other food products other than cakes and pastries. Some Goldilocks bakeries have also incorporated a food shop offering Filipino cuisine, including beef, chicken, pork, seafood and vegetable dishes as well as their Thirst Quenchers, such as halo-halo, gulaman, fruit salad and sago.

Because of Goldilocks, Christmas seasons have never been so complete. If you ever wanted to send some Goldilocks food products back to home in the Philippines, then Express Regalo can be of assistance. For more information about Express Regalo, then visit
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