Top Christmas Toys for Boys in 2008

by Stephen Morgan - Date: 2008-11-29 - Word Count: 508 Share This!

When it comes to being a parent there are few things in life that are as important then making sure that the right presents arrive in time for your child's Christmas.

This year it would appear that as far as Boys are concerned the hot items consist of (amongst others) the following: The Nerf Vulcan,, the Air Hogs Zero Gravity Car, Pleo, Bakugan toys and Guitar Hero World Tour.

One of the most popular is the Nerf Vulcan and this is the latest Nerf gun. With a Rambo like belt and the ability to shoot 3 Nerf darts per second this has to almost be the ultimate weapon as far as Nerf fans are concerned and is sure to be able to wipe out those enemies with ease.

Following hard on the heels of the Nerf Vulcan is the Air Hogs Zero gravity car. This is able to do the unthinkable; it can drive at almost any angle you wish it to. This remote control mini car can go up walls, across ceilings and in fact almost anything you think or want it to do, it can and will do for you - if only they made a life sized equivalent!

After the Air Hogs Zero gravity car one of the next popular items is the Eyeclops Night Vision Goggles. This has to almost be the perfect toy for whatever spying games your little boy wants to get up to with his friends. By using advance technology (this is stuff that the military were using years back and is that realistic), the Eyeclops is able to make its user see perfectly well in those ultra dark and highly secret settings! Parents and big sisters watch out!

Next up on our hit parade of Christmas goodies for boys is Pleo. Pleo is a toy dinosaur that has an incredible amount of artificial intelligence built into him. The amazing thing about Pleo is that rather than have a built in personality. Pleo's personality matures and develops based on the experiences that he his with your little boys. This is truly a wonderful Christmas present that is going to grow with your child.

One of the real surprise toys this Christmas is going to be the Bakugan toys. The Bakugan toys are a new group of toys that has made the old fashioned game of marbles fashionable and exciting again. The real difference is that with these toys, the "marbles" actually open up and feature mini action figures so it is quite easy to see why these toys are in fact so popular with boys.

Lastly here we are going to look at the Guitar Hero World Tour and this is actually an awesome step forward in the guitar hero series that really takes it up to another level. With more songs, venues and options available than ever before it is almost a sensory overload of a true rock and roll experience. Your boy can find himself turning into the ultimate "axe-meister" and guitar hero in front of your very eyes.

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