aLedinha rolling papers - 100% natural cellulose for a healthier smoke

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Rolling papers are found as small sheets, rolls or leaves of paper which are marketed for someone to roll their own cigarettes, either conventionally by hand or by using the help of a rolling machine. When someone is rolling a cigarette, they fill the rolling paper with tobacco (in general) or other things like shag or other herbs. The most common base materials used for manufacturing rolling papers are wood pulp, hemp, flax or rice. Others might use Esparto, a material that can apparently lead to a higher carcinogen level when it is burned. The basic design of a rolling paper is as a long rectangle with a narrow strip of glue or gum applied all along one of the long edges of the rolling paper. There are also a lot of names that are given to rolling papers among which "skins" or "rollys". Looking for the enhancement of the consumer satisfaction, rolling paper manufacturers give it various flavors. Apart from flavors, the latest rolling papers can be found unbleached in a translucent brown color to enhance the design of the rolling papers.

The popularity of rolling your own cigarettes has grown in many countries because of the difference in costs. Due to the tax policies of each country, it is starting to become less expensive to roll your cigarettes than buying machine-made ones. Another feature of rolling your cigarettes that is beneficial for the consumer is that the cigarettes they roll can be customized in any shape and size they would like. The sizes of rolling papers vary from 70mm to 110 mm in length and up to 1.5 times the "standard width".

Studies have been made in many countries all over the world in order to find out what smokers prefer and why. In the United States, the roll-your-own part of the tobacco industry has been declared the fastest growing segment with 2-4% of the cigarette smoking population preferring to make their own cigarettes. In Canada, about 9% of the cigarette smoking population prefers rolling their own cigarettes. In Britain, the use of roll-your-own cigarettes has doubled reaching 24% from 11% in 1990. A lot of smokers believe that rolling of your own cigarettes is a lot healthier than smoking manufactured products. In Thailand, the number of smokers of manufactured brands has been surpassed by the roll-your-own smokers. In New Zeeland, the numbers smokers that prefer manufactured cigarettes and those who roll their own cigarettes are almost equal. The growing number of smokers that prefer roll-your-own cigarettes has determined certain tax authorities to take action in introducing taxes for rolling papers despite the complaints of the manufacturers.

aLedinha rolling papers make one of your best possible choices if you smoke roll-your-own cigarettes. aLedinha rolling papers are a 100% natural product that ensures the full satisfaction of savoring the untainted taste of your tobacco, due to the fact that it is tasteless and inodorous. Also, aLedinha rolling papers are transparent and fully based on cellulose as the material used for manufacturing.

Cellulose is the primary structural component of green plants, the primary cell wall of the plants being composed entirely of cellulose and the secondary wall of cellulose and variable amounts of lignin. The most important natural source of cellulose is raw cotton, which is consistent of 91% of raw cellulose, but other important sources may also be named like flax, hemp, jute, straw and wood.

aLedinha transparent rolling papers offer great satisfaction and low prices. The difference between aLedinha and aLeda rolling papers is in the sizes of each of them: aLedinha rolling papers are found at 35x75mm and aLeda at 35x115mm. aLedinha transparent rolling papers come in packs of 50 sheets and boxes of 24 packs. More information about aLedinha transparent rolling papers and ways of purchase can be found here, on

Choices are hard to make when it comes to smoking roll-your-own cigarettes. aLedinha rolling papers are available for purchase over the internet. Remember that when you smoke a roll-your-own cigarette using aLedinha, you do not only enjoy great quality, but you also benefit from a healthier cigarette.

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