The Natural Beauty of Seagrass Area Rugs

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There are different designs and styles of area rugs in the market. One of these is the seagrass rug, which comes in cool colors like tan, brown, and green. When you hear the term "seagrass", the image that comes into your mind is a patch of soft and luscious green blades. Imagine this as your carpet, and you are presented with several wonderful opportunities. Seagrass rugs are among the latest trends in the industry of carpets and rugs. They are available in warm colors like tan, brown, and terra cotta. Or else, you can choose cool gray seagrass rugs. These are perfect for porches, patios, or entertainment rooms within your home.


The Advantages of Seagrass Area Rugs


The greatest advantage that you can get from seagrass area rugs is that it can withstand heavy foot traffic. What is more, these are durable and very sturdy. They can deal with vacuuming, beating, and sweeping. Plus, these rugs are capable of resisting heavy stains because they are made from special fibers. Liquids cannot seep into its fibers. This is the reason why you cannot find dyed seagrass rugs because the dye is not easily absorbed. These rugs are among the most well-known due to their luminosity and shine that are much like grass blades. If you are thinking of providing a room in your home with a scenery theme, the best accessory that you can throw in is a seagrass area rug.


The Different Weave Designs of Seagrass Area Rugs


Seagrass area rugs are crafted out from fiber materials that are grown within wide paddies. These paddies are found within coastal wetlands in countries like China and India. While the fibers are growing, they are filled with water from seas; hence the term "seagrass". Because the material of this area rug requires relatively cheap production costs, it is fair enough that it should be sold at an equally lesser price. Seagrass rugs are among the versatile and flexible kinds of coverings for floors. What is more, they are available in attractive weave designs. One of these is seashore weave, wherein the fibers are lined into rows with alternating tie down fibers. With sea basket weaves, you will find that the fibers are thatched into squares. There are also seagrass area rugs that have symmetrical herringbone mesh styles like the seashell weave, sea breeze weave, and the sea bass weave.


Seagrass Area Rugs for Indoor Purposes


When the seagrass area rug is designed for interior purposes like the living room and dining room areas, it comes with different features. Some of these are stitched with borders for beautiful visual effects. Among the materials that are used as borders include wool, tapestry, cotton rim, and leather. These area rugs may also have padding or reinforced backing. This allows the increase of traction. Plus, the longevity of the rug is guaranteed. The underside of the seagrass rug is made from jute, which is glued with latex or natural adhesive that is free from chemicals.


Aside from seagrass rugs, there are several other kinds of area rugs. These include Shag rugs, Oriental rugs, floral rugs, braided rugs, and plenty more. While there are local stores that offer different brands of rugs, you will find vast selections on the web. Online area rug retailers offer convenient shopping experiences to homeowners.

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