Autograph (life is a Sweet Problem) Just Solve it

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AUTOGRAPH( Life is a Sweet Problem)


(Just solve it)


The problem can be defined as a doubtful or difficult matter requiring a solution. Anything that stops you from achieving a set goal is a problem. Problems need solution. Problems are like obstacles in our journey of life. We face them daily. They contribute to our being successful or unsuccessful in life. A lot depends on how we face them. This article is to share some thoughts with you on how these problems can be solved.


We started facing problem right from the day we came in to this earth, as new born we were unable to talk and walk. When we started walking we were unable to talk, when we started to talk we were unable to get what we want from or parents. Getting into school was the next step problem continues........ where we were forced with lot of home works and lot of subjects to learn Monthly test quarterly exam, half yearly exam and annual exam. Solving the school problems we entered into college life, as a youth what lot of problems problem continues........  we faced and the youths of current facing now. Assignments tutorials unit test model exams in between these hard days it's the crucial age where we take our books but could not read, they feel hungry but not able to take food when consulted with friends and relatives than a doctor it was found that the disease of love has entered into his life. Encountering all these problems we struggle a lot to get a degree. Managed to become a graduate, then a new problems starts problem continues........  where we take out countable numbers of resume and sit on the internet for a job hunt. Problems get ignited by facing interviews answering their imprudent questions. Insulted and degraded by the interviewer, bearing all these in the burdened heart struggles a lot to get an employment.Though happy with the employment and the remuneration, the problem continues........  in the work place. Problems comes to us through the peers working with us, facing the situation and considering the family and life develops a strong attitude to work. For few years for some and few years for some life was good and happy with the employment. The situation and life demands the need of a life partner. A new problem blossoms with the married life problem continues......... Though the journey begins in meadows and gardens later on it travels to hard and thorny roads,with lot of commitments and responsibilities on the shoulders. First night may be entertaining and interesting, few happy sleepless nights but later on only sleepless nights, though a strong  desire to sleep Mind and soul is not comfort . Problem continues...... after a year or two a temporary good news, wife is conceived, happy to hear the news, shares with family and friends but the problem continues........ Taking the wife for regular medical check up and other maternity treatments in the rush and expensive hospital. Ten months later a good news, wife gave birth to a sweet little Boy or Girl baby shares the memorable moment in life with family and friends. After two months problem continues wife fells into sickness after few weeks child is sick then to hospital and lots of sleepless night. problem continues........ after 30 months admission of child in the school. Planning to impart quality education which again is a problem where that education demands huge amounts problem continues........ Dropping and picking up the children from school, attending parents meeting and children's day celebration inpsite of our busy schedule is a problem, the problem continues........  After the completion of school education, seeking admission to colleges paying huge amount of fees, roaming around various institutions enquiring for admissions problem continues.........It is the duty of every parent to bring up the children with care and affection no doubt about that, but development of technology and modernization are the real great challenges that lies before the youngsters. Parents are more cautious and concern that their children should grow up without any bad habits and bad culture. Every day parents are mentally disturbed by their college going children, whether they return home in time and safe is the main concern of the all the parents, problem continues........ After their college studies they have  to get an employment problem continues after employment they have to be married and that has to be done problem continues........ After getting married it's a big question that lies in the hearts of millions of parents is that whether he will look after his or her parents problem continues........ It is clearly understood that life is journey which  travels along the side of sweet problems. It all depends on the individual, how we are encountering these problems, whether as sweet or a bitter and terrible one. If you want to face your problems with a positive and a sportive attitude it solely lies on our hands. Example now just think about your school days your teacher who punished you for not doing your home work, think about the professor who sent you out of the classroom for not submitting your assignment, think about the first interview you attended and the stupid questions the interviewer fired on you, think about the first job you joined the first salary you received, think about the first girl with whom you fall in love, think about the first love letter you gave to your girlfriend last but not the least think about the situation you are in now.----------------------------------------------------------------------Is your life filled with problems? If your answer is yes you are a failure in life if your answer is no you are the right person fit to be here on this earth. False and blame excusers will find the life as journey through problems. but positive thinkers like the great composer who gave several beautiful and melodious composition Bethoven was a deaf, the great and famous nature poet Milton who admired the nature  than any other person in the world was blind, the first president of America Roosevelt was administering the country from sitting in the wheel chair. Do you think that these people thought their life is problem? If they say no ,why not you? What is the problem in your life? What do you want to see? What stops you from achieving it? Look around you for your ‘opportunity'. May be you're very far  and therefore you've stuck with the crowd. Think like Bethoven, Milton and Roosevelt  you may have to crawl, walk or run to the pathway to solving it.                            Yes you Can.


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Academic Background
- Obtained Bachelors Degree from the Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, India in English as the major in the year of 1991.
- Obtained Masters of Arts Degree from the Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, India, in English Linguistics as the major in the year of 1993.
- Obtained Masters of Philosophy Degree from the Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, India, in English Linguistics as the major, in the year of 1996.
- Obtained Masters of Arts Degree from the Annamalai University, Coimbatore, India, in English as the major in the year of 2003.
- Pursuing Doctorate Degree at Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, India in (ELT) English language Teaching under the guidance of Dr.K.Sundar Singh Prof. Karunya University, Coimbatore, India.
Professional Excellence Summary:
- Have over ten years experience in teaching at college level.
- Have experienced as co-coordinator in organizing various seminars and workshops at colleges.
- Have over one year experience as NSS Officer Organizing camps and awareness Program.
- Have experienced with Language lab operations.
- Have experience as student Advisor and counselor .
- Conducted various adequate classes on communication skills and second Language learning methods.
- Have known well as an author, teacher, lecturer along with as a debater.
- Implemented various methods to develop relations between the students, teaching staffs and administrative staffs.
- Experienced with Photoshop software and designed college booklets , applications and Identity Cards.
Professional Background
 1997- Worked as a Lecturer at Karpagam College, Coimbatore, India.
 2000- Worked as a Lecturer at VLB Janakiammal College, Coimbatore, India
 2007- present date: Works as Lecturer at RVS College, Coimbatore, India ,With the following work responsibilities
- Teaching communication skills to college students.
- Provided necessary education counseling as the education advisor to the students.
- Provided numbers of lectures on development of communication skills and self confidence.
- Planned and implemented special college events with the proper coordination with the supportive officials along with the community representatives.
- Offered required help to the students outer the classrooms if needed.
- Published a book (Communicate with confidence) for engineering college students.

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