Symptoms of Teens depression

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20th June 2006 , Although most parents say they would recognize depression in their own children, fewer than half of depressed youth are diagnosed and treated. Why is mental illness in teens so difficult to catch? If you've parented or worked with teenagers , or even remember your own adolescence, you probably already know: Teens tend to be emotionally volatile, and they may be less likely to communicate their feelings to adults than at other points in their lives. Parents or caregivers may mistake the symptoms of clinical depression for the considerably more benign turbulence of adolescence. Also, the stigma of depression or other mood disorders may deter youth or their parents from seeking help. Adolescent boys frequently conditioned to handle emotion with stoicism or aggression, may find it particularly difficult to ask for or accept help. Symptoms in teens often manifest in marked personality changes, including ….. a significant change in appetite or weight; withdrawal from or loss of interest in friends, family, social activities, or hobbies; irritability, intense anger, continual crying, or aggressive/ problematic behavior; risky behavior involving alcohol, drugs, sex, or delinquency; chronic fatigue or drastic changes in sleeping habits; unusual neglect of personal appearance; frequent or unexplained aches and pains; skipping school, or a drop in school performance; Running away; expressing feelings of self-loathing, worthlessness, guilt, or helplessness; and a prolonged sad or hopeless mood. Many teens experience one or more of these symptoms periodically and briefly without being depressed or posing a risk to themselves. If you are a parent, try to be conscious of your teen's behavior without overreacting. If your child exhibits three or more of these symptoms for two weeks or more, seek professional help. Any youth who attempts to harm himself, no matter how novae it may seem, should also be taken seriously and receive professional help immediately. Any youth who has previously made a suicide attempt should be considered at high risk for further attempts. For professional help just log on: They can be of great help. Abundantlifeacademy Group's schools and programs excel at finding an individualized plan for troubled children and teens. Their purpose is to introduce, or re-introduce, their students to the Holy Spirit. There are ways to help manage the depressions and all it takes is some effort to find those answers.

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