How to Find Jobs to Make Extra Money When You are a Teenager

by Jane Worthington - Date: 2008-10-20 - Word Count: 502 Share This!

Are you trying to make a little extra money for that iPod you want, or saving some money for your first car? It can be tough when you're a teenager to find ways to make extra money, but there are a couple tried and true ways to do it, and now some new technological ways that you may not even know about. Here are some tips to help you out, depending on what you want to do to make that extra moola:


1.  Find Babysitting Gigs in Your Neighborhood. Maybe you know the family down the street, or your neighbors across the way have young children, but whoever has kids on your street may be an untapped resource for you. Parents need a break every now and again, and they may not know that you'd be willing to watch their kidlets for an afternoon or evening. Just let them know that if they ever need a babysitter that you'd be happy to watch their children for them, and since they know you, chances are high that they will take you up on it. Babysitting jobs will come at you faster than you can shake a stick at if you let parents know that you are up for the task!


2.  Look for Help Wanted Signs at Local Shops or Restaurants. A lot of times, the easiest way to get a job somewhere is to time it right. You can always go and apply for jobs when the company is not looking, but you may find this to be frustrating. Go apply for jobs where you see a "help wanted" sign, because chances are they are already short-handed and will call you immediately for an interview if they're interested. There are plenty of great side jobs for teens at restaurants or shops where you can work after school, evening hours, or on the weekend to make a little extra money. And if you go with a local place, you know that you can get there on foot or by bike or bus if need be, and you don't have to try and find rides to a job that's far from home.


3.  Ask your Parents' Friends and Your Neighbors. This is a great resource for finding extra work, whether you're helping them find a babysitter they can trust, or maybe they could use your help at their store or business. The best part about asking your parents' friends or your neighbors is that they already know you, so you have a foot in the door with them, as opposed to the strangers you interview with for other jobs who don't know you or have any background reference.


No matter what you choose to do, if you follow these tips you are sure to find some extra work around your neighborhood by offering your babysitting services, applying for jobs at local joints, or asking the adults you know if they have any extra work at their home or office you can do. Good luck!

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