Your Guide to Buying Toys For Your Teacup Kitten

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Due to the inquisitive nature of teacup kittens, these animals often enjoy playing with toys of various kinds. Researches indicate that when teacup kittens play with toys they are less likely to damage furniture and other objects in the house. The following paragraphs will help you understand how to select a good toy for your teacup kitten.

There are a lot of readymade toys available to choose from and pet owners often find it hard to understand which toy to choose for their teacup kitten. Popular cat toys like mice made out of cloth often provide the cat's need to claw and nip at an object. Toys made especially for cats are available on sticks so that owners can wave these toys at the cat to get him interested to play. Some types of cat toys do not come attached with a stick and these toys are good for cats that like to play by themselves.

Another popular variety of commercial cat toys are squeaky balls. Most teacup cats like jumping on these balls since these balls make a noise when squeezed. While using squeaky toys, owners should remember to replace balls that have been clawed a lot since if cats ingest these rubber or silicone balls then they can choke. The Kong variety of toys interests many teacup kittens since owners can stuff these toys with treats. Kong toys and readymade treats that are used as fillers are available in pet stores all around the world.

Cat tunnels make interesting toys for a large number of teacup kittens since kittens get to crawl into these tunnels and play. While choosing a tunnel toy owners should remember to get a tunnel that is large enough for the kitten to crawl into without getting stuck midway. Tunnel toys are available in various colors and patterns. Many owners often use a laser light to play with their teacup cats. By moving the laser light in various directions, the cat becomes curious and then chases the light. While using laser light toys, owners should remember not to point the light in the cat's eyes since this can irritate the cat.

Soft toys can also be given to teacup kittens since many kittens enjoy cuddling with soft toys. While giving your kitten soft toys remember to replace the toy when the cotton comes out, alternately you can stitch back the toy periodically. Owners should remember to take away the eyes and nose of the soft toy once it becomes loose since these parts can hurt or choke teacup cats. Cats often enjoy playing with cereal boxes, large cardboard boxes and cardboard bags. A fort with a door and windows can be made from large cardboard boxes while a hand puppet can be made from cardboard bags. Under no circumstance should owners give their cats plastic bags to play with since this can cause choking and severe problems if digested. Long pieces of string and balls of wool should not be given to cats since cats can get entangled and hurt while playing with these items.

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