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by karen nodalo - Date: 2006-12-28 - Word Count: 336 Share This!

The reason why they do not prefer the use of glossy paper is that most people tend to abuse the quality of business cards. Some may sit on them and throw them in their bags, drawer, closets and it has all the chances of being rubbed up against each other.

Even if people will appreciate the quality of business cards, still, they do not get extra care and concern. But on the other hand, some people do but only a few practice it. experts claim that if business cards are not well-taken care of, it should be printed the usual.

Most people or businessmen want their business cards shining and shimmering, hoping that their cards are well-kept. Getting a customer that can appreciate your cards well by keeping it in a safe place is rare to find.

Using digital printing inks in business card printing is not ideal because if they are scratched, it may cause rubbing abrasion and it is not good at standing up.

If you want to maintain good quality in business cards printing without the glossy cover or paper, you can make use of coating instead. Putting a coating might entail added cost but take note that this will meet with the varying success.

This will avoid the prints from getting scratches and can keep the prints long lasting. Although it can have scratching possibilities in the future, it will not cause too much scratches as roughly as the glossy cover and it would do better if you have it printed with a coated stock. Although scratches are unavoidable, it will only be affected and scratched under heavy use.

Most experts claim that digitally printing business cards on uncoated stock is advisable especially in printing 100# uncoated cover. This option is thicker than the 80# uncoated cover and this can stand up with a lot of abuse in the future.

A lot of printing companies commonly used business cards printing with uncoated stock and it has been continuously used up to now.

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