Printing halftone is all about printing dots

by Florie Lyn Masarate - Date: 2006-11-27 - Word Count: 414 Share This!

The point in having halftone is to have something to fool the eyes. The tones that people usually admire are the product of the accuracy of the dots printed. Big dots means darker tones while small dots are the light ones.

The usual problems that printers encounter is that they do not get accurate tones and values printed. The thing that they forget is to print accurate and right size dots to be able to acquire the perfect halftones to have the perfect result in printing.

It can help a lot to try and visualize the print and picture you want to achieve. The natural vision sees colors as tones, light and deep. If you try and print a deep red with dots in various sizes, all these colors would be achieved using only one ink. It is also the same for all the colors that people can combine. If they are not printing the right dot size, the colors will turn out wrong.

The technique is to start at the beginning of the color process. So it follows that the succeeding steps will be based upon the previous ones. It also follows that if you messed up in the beginning, it can only get from worse to worst from there.

Pleasing color is the best place to start. This simply means that the color only have to look believable and does not necessarily have to match what you want in the first place. But before doing that, ask yourself if it really is a match to the original ones. See also if it looks hard to print. If it is, then it will be.

An important thing to remember is that if the color you are using is closer to the match you wanted, the more careful you have to be in achieving the result. Maybe the best answer to this is to just try and avoid doing it from the start.

Try to develop a strategy that will help you print faster, easier and with more accuracy. Printing your colors the first time with care and in the proper way is better than having to fix and cure all in the end. The former is a sure fire way of getting greater results with minimal problems and hassles to go through in the process.

Furthermore, practice and experience will make things perfect. The primary thing is to have an easy and quick color printing method that will have good results with the least effort on your part.

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