Are you cliche crazy?

by Florie Lyn Masarate - Date: 2006-11-27 - Word Count: 398 Share This!

Design annuals and guidebooks are written and made available to act as inspiration for those who want to have a basic knowledge on how to go about their designs. Although they are useful sometimes, they can be also be evil. Why? Because others tend to just imitate them and not make one of their own. That’s what these clichés can do.

Think about a print design or layout that a person has been doing and have finally succeeded on creating one. Then he shows it to the world. What do you know? A day after his style is already out in the open, in the internet and everywhere people can print and recopy them by.

Very evil. Very unoriginal.

There is really nothing wrong with using clichés. Just that what you are doing has already been done. Chances are people have already seen them and are already getting tired of seeing another. You would just be adding to their list of prints not to read.

Besides, you should try and stretch your capacity to do something that is original and unique. All your creativity would certainly go to waste if you are just sticking with what others are doing. There are a lot of things you can do if you could only take the time to squeeze out your creative juices and make them into reality.

The common misconception is that what you have made is not good. Or the better ones are the ones already printed because that is why they are printed in the first place. Sometimes it takes confidence in your work to see the real beauty that you have made. And it does not need someone’s work to make yours the kind you like too.

Get as far away as you can from clichés. That is why they are clichés for that matter. Simply means they are already being used many times over, infinite times may be.

The world of print is just there waiting for the next big thing to happen. And still waiting for something to feast their eyes on. Nothing like a new change for something that you see over and over and still being used to be printed over again.

Clichés are good. But they are also evil, which makes them not that good. They are there as trails to follow and not to imitate exactly. They are just good enough but again, not that good.

Florie Lyn Masarate got a flair for reading and writing when she got her first subscription of the school newsletter in kindergarten. She had her first article published on that same newsletter in the third grade.

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