Beware of the Publishing Company Scams

by nadia cherubin - Date: 2008-10-20 - Word Count: 367 Share This!

Publish America is one of the publishing companies out of state that promises to fulfill your dreams about paying you for your hard work, but never does.

The whole nightmare to this: They promise to publicize your book and put it on book shelves but never really does.

Newsflash: Your book is only available online and no one really knows about you, unless you do your own promotions and marketing.  As I'm writing this article, I realized that it's all a scam and haven't got paid yet and my book came out this summer and is afraid that they have ruined my career in the worse possible way because that's my livelihood we're talking here and if someone has a good story to put together, they should use someone else instead of publish america because of all of their false hope and is just a trap to steal your story.

They don't even edit your story, let alone read it and leave it the way it is. You ask them questions, but never answers your questions, but likes to give you a response like read the contract and it will answer all of your questions that you're looking for. So authors, beware before signing that contract, they don't like to give adavances. If anything they take from you.

Yes they offer free services but it's a catch to that because they don't do anything for you that really brings you joy. Now they say that they write press releases on you and your work but never do.

Yes, they put it online such as Barnes and Nobles online,, and target online, or wherever books are sold which is all good, but it never reaches the shelves which is such a shame.

Stick to what you know and if you have a gut feeling about something, you should follow it and be careful  before signing that contract, because Publish America is not where you want to be and you'll be sorry that you ever signed with them.

So when it comes to publishing companies, you may want to do a background investigation on them before signing that contract because it reflects on your livelihood and your career.

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