Unusual Gifts That'll Tickle Your Funny Bones

by John Smith - Date: 2008-11-26 - Word Count: 748 Share This!

Some people are just plain difficult to buy presents for. They either already seem to have everything on the planet, or are too darned fussy to appreciate what they are given, ungraciously accepting and unwrapping their gift with a barely hidden sneer. Before they've even set eyes on it they have made their minds up not to like it. Then there's the person who genuinely appears to like the gift you've given them, but never seem to wear, use or display the item, leading you to the assumption that it was not an appropriate gift.

What these people need, particularly the sneerers, is to lighten up a little with unusual gifts, that they would have never thought of, that they cannot possibly stick their noses up at because curiosity gets the better of them. A humorous gift is bound to go down well too. Everyone enjoys a good laugh, and if your gift is both unusual and funny, you've most definitely cracked the dull present problem.

We all know those people who have almost everything there is going. They treat themselves to the latest gadgets and gizmos, leaving you clueless as to what to get them, and so are particularly problematic when it comes to gift time. What they do not have, though, is a title, and you can provide them with one. Buy them a piece of the Kincavel Estate in Scotland and instantly turn them into a laird or lady with a Lord and Lady Gift Box. They will thoroughly enjoy telling their friends of their new and impressive title and will owe it all to you.

We've all had a sports car at the top of our wish lists at some time or another. So, make someone's dream come true and give them a miniature Build Your Own Porsche Kit. Imagine the look on their face as they see the funny side of it all. It will keep them happy until the real thing comes along. If they are even more aspirational than that and wishing to fly even higher, a PicoZ Red Helicopter will do the trick. This little remote controlled toy is so small it can be used in the house, and boys and girls as well as adults will be clambering to play with it. The only one that will not be thrilled will be the family cat.

If you are still at the age where your poor old Dad has to chauffeur you everywhere, show your appreciation with a quirky gift that will reap benefits for him. A Dad's Cab Taxi Meter will dish out forfeits as payment so you'll find yourself having to wait on him for a change. Even Mum can use it when it's her turn to be on duty. They will be thrilled that at last it is their turn for a truly unusual treat. What goes around comes around. And who would not be amused by a flying animal toy? Both children and adults alike will be entertained for hours by these funny catapult type creatures, such as a flying chicken, frog, monkey or pig, each making appropriate noises in keeping with its species as it whizzes through the air. These are hilarious to watch and compulsive fun to operate.

Space cadets rarely spend much time on this planet with their heads in the clouds, dreaming of other-wordy things. They will be delighted to receive ownership of an acre of the moon that they can let their minds wander to whenever they wish. I doubt that they own a piece already, and will be over the moon with this unusual gift.

There are two things that girls love, delicious cakes and beauty care. You can combine the two with a gift pack of 4 Naughty but Nice Lip Glosses in the shape of cup cakes in scrumptious raspberry, strawberry, cream and chocolate flavours. This gift is both practical and fun and the flavours will make them come back for more.

If all else fails and you get it wrong again, you may need a set of Get the Hint Stickers which can be stuck with their blatant and indiscreet arrows into magazines and catalogues to indicate which items are wanted and hint at which are most definitely shunned. So, at least you won't be making the wrong choice ever again. Go on, make someone smile and give them unusual gifts that are so unusual that it shows how much thought you have put into their selection.

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