Learn How to Get the Jennifer Aniston Look Using a Sedu Flat Iron

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Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Pamela Anderson and Jennifer Lopez have made straight hair fashionable. However, these beautiful women weren't born with perfectly straight, shiny hair. Top stylists use the Sedu flat iron to create the look that Jennifer Aniston has. But you don't have to be a top stylist to achieve this look; using the Sedu flat iron allows anyone to have perfectly straight, shiny hair - every time.

Sedu tourmaline and ceramic flat irons are top rated by consumers and stylists alike. You don't have to use a Sedu flat iron to get the Jennifer Aniston look, but whatever flat iron you use, it should be of good quality and one you feel confident in using. Other good tourmaline flat irons include the T3 Tourmaline flat iron and the Solia Tourmaline flat iron. The best tourmaline flat irons should be ergonomically designed for ease of use, have fast heat up times, offer a variety of heat settings so you stay in control, and a swivel cord with safety cut-off.

The following steps will show you how to use a flat iron to get that Jennifer Aniston look.

1. Always read the manufacturer's instructions before you use the flat iron.
2. Practice using the flat iron when it is still cold; get a feel for how it handles.
3. Use a good conditioner when you clean your hair. Heat drying hair - whether by blow-drying or straightening - dries out and damages hair. Using a good conditioner helps protect your hair.
4. Dry your hair well using a towel and putting it flat and in a keep. Doing this will help to keep it soft and manageable.
5. Blow-dry your hair making sure it is thoroughly dry.
6. Use an anti-frizz spray, lotion, or smoothing serum - usually a silicon based product. If it is a gel, place a drop or two into the palm of your hand and spread evenly throughout your hair.
7. Set the flat iron to the correct temperature. Read the manufacturer's recommendations for temperature setting for different hair types; you may have to experiment with different settings.
8. Start by lifting the hair up about half way up round your head and pinning up the top layers out of the way, to expose the hair underneath.
9. Draw a thin strip of your hair through the plates. Use sectioning clips, if you have them. Divide your hair into sections no wider than the heating plates of the iron, and straighten slices no thicker than half the width of your heating plates. By working with small sections and slices, you can apply the heat evenly, and will get the desired straightness fast.
10. Use even pressure while stroking your flat iron from the root to the end without stopping on any part of the sectioned hair.
11. Straightening the back hairs can be difficult. You can position two mirrors on the diagonal so you can see the back of your head. Then, take the clipped sections of hair out one by one and straighten them, starting at the bottom of your head (the nape/neck area) and working your way to the crown of your head, just like a stylist would do.

How to avoid damaging your hair when using a flat iron.

1. Using a good conditioner is vital. Heat applied to hair damages it; a conditioner will help protect it.
2. Always - and I mean always - use a protective serum when using your flat iron. Don't use too much. When used correctly it will give your hair a shiny lustre and makes the flat iron glide through your hair.
3. Always keep the flat iron moving. Never keep the flat iron stationary on a section of hair or you will burn it.
4. Don't use your flat iron every day. Applied heat damages hair. If you use your flat iron correctly, the style should hold for days.

After a few times, straightening your hair will be easy. By using your Sedu flat iron correctly, you'll be able to get the Jennifer Aniston look without having to pay salon prices.

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