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Essay Writing Producing a good custom essay is not difficult if you know the right ways to go about writing it. An essay has some simple steps which need to be followed. With proper planning and a little effort at maintaining your specific topic and point of view, it is possible to produce a quality essay. An essay can have many purposes or may talk about a number of things. However, the basic structure of all the essays is nearly the same. Even if your essay argues in favor or against a particular object or provides information about completion of a task, the main steps would remain the same. If you follow the steps mentioned below, you will surely be able to write an essay that is coherent as well as adheres to the writing format.

Some steps of essay writing Essay writing consists of these simple steps. These steps will guide you in essay writing and will help you produce a quality custom essay:

Deciding a topicPreparing ideas which you want to mention in the essayPlanning a thesis statementWriting the body of the text, which includes main points and sub pointsElaborating your pointsWriting your introductionWriting the conclusionAdding finishing touches to your essayNow, let us discuss these points in detail and see how you can write a quality essay with these tips. Deciding a topic It may happen that you get to choose your topic or it is also a possibility that you get a specific topic to write on. If you have to choose the topic on your own, you have got a variety of subjects from which you can pick a topic. However, keep in mind to choose only those topics which you know fairly well and can express yourself well as it will make your essay powerful. Think about the kind of essay you have to write and your topic must live up to that kind.

When you have decided a topic, try to think about the kind of essay you can write on the given topic. The topic may demand an overview or an analytical essay. In both the cases, try to gather information which is relevant to your given topic. It will make writing easier for you.

Preparing ideas which you want to mention in the essay Write your topic at the top of the page and write down the ideas that you have for your essay by numbering them as one, two and three. These ideas should be related to the kind of essay you have to write and the topic. Try to put in your best arguments, the things that you want to discuss and any other important issues you want to bring in the essay.

You can also divide your essay in major categories depending on what you want to discuss in the essay. This will lend coherence to the essay where each point will be discussed separately and linked by a topic thread. By doing this, you will be done with the basic structure of the essay.

Planning a thesis statement After planning the ideas that you plan to provide in your essay, the next important step is to compose a thesis statement. This thesis statement will tell the reader about the information which you will be providing in your essay. It will contain what the essay is all about and what the author is trying to prove by writing this essay. The thesis statement must be in collaboration with your essay topic, introduction and body text and arguments.

Your thesis statement will consist of two parts:

The first part will state the topicThe other part will state the point of essayOnce you have formulated a thesis statement that fits this pattern and with which you are comfortable, you are ready to continue. Write the body of the text The body paragraphs are very important as they are the main ingredients of any essay and it is here that the topic is fully discussed. The topics that you chose will now be explained, described and argued. Each main idea that you noted down in your outline will be mentioned here and written in a well organized manner. Depending upon the number of ideas or arguments, your essay will contain the body paragraphs. Each body paragraph will have the same basic structure:

Main ideas of the topicSupporting points for the topicElaboration for the supporting points in detail as requiredIn some cases, a summery for each point may be needed though it is not necessary in all casesOnce you have planned what you intend to write in the body text you will need to make points and sub points or supporting points which will add flow to your essay. Elaboration of the points When you have decided your main points and your sub points, now its time to elaborate them and discuss them in detail. It is in elaborating your points that the main argument will be clearly revealed and it will provide the reader an insight into the essay and what is it all about. Introduction The introduction should be attention grabbing and also contain some information about what is going to come in the succeeding paragraphs. Some important points for an introduction in essay writing are as follows:

Provide startling and grabbing attention in your first paragraph but it should hold trueWrite an anecdote, a story that elaborates a point, but it should be short and relevant and carefully writtenElaboration of your essay topicsSummery information about what is to come nextFinish the paragraph with your thesis statementConclusionThe conclusion is a summing up of your essay, in which you bring together all the lose ends and tie them up in a tactful manner providing a final perspective on the given topic. Conclusion can be of three to four strong statements which are in accordance with your preceding paragraphs. You can mention your own feelings in the conclusion telling the reader you own final words on the topic, bringing a graceful end to the essay. Adding the finishing touches After you are finished with the writing part its time to add some finishing touches to your essay. Give some thought about formatting the paper and think how you can make it more readable and understandable. Here are some tips to add finishing touches to your essay

Check the order of your paragraphs, which is the strongest and which one do you feel you need to add more points to. Make sure that whatever changes you make; they make sense to the reader. Stick to a proper order of essay, dealing one point after anotherCheck the instructions given for writing essay, is the title correct, does your essay matches to the title, do you need any more information or arguments, etcAnd last but not the least, check your writing method, make sure that you read what you have written and have not missed any important points. Check if it is logical and does not contain jargon, it is useful to the reader, run a spell check, and paragraphs precede ach other.When you have finished, you have the basic structure for your essay and are ready to continue. However, keep in mind to start your essay well before date of submission. It is a possibility that you may take more time than you actually thought in writing the essay. A hastily done essay will not be up to the standard and may not get you the scores you desire. These steps of essay writing combined with completion on time will surely make a difference and help you produce a quality product.

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