The Effects Of A Staff Room On Employee Morale

by James O Sinclair - Date: 2010-07-17 - Word Count: 451 Share This!

The work force of a company is probably the most important force which runs the proceedings of the company. And if the company houses more than a considerable number of employees then it is more than just useful to have a common room or a staff room for these employees. It is important for all employees to relax a bit while they work.

If they do not relax the work force tires and they end up all jumbled up. If you run a company and you need to keep your work force on their toes and motivated to give your operations the required boost then you should have a staff room to start with. The staff room will help you.

The staff room will be the place where your employees will catch up with their chit chats, their beer and some smoke, a bit of relaxation that every one of us need to make it easy and it is not bad to do that, we all need some. So do your employees. Give them some and they will help you and your company to grow.

The smart owner will look for some energy in his employees and energy comes from his motivation to work for you. The source of motivation is the salary that you pay him and his way of showing loyalty is through the quality of his work.

Performance is directly proportional to the amenities provided to him by the company. This way he starts thinking that the company is more like his family and the service becomes a way of paying respect to ones family. But at the same time you as an owner should make him feel that he is a part of that family.

Most companies are trying to rename themselves by adding titles such as organization, group and even some companies in India are trying to incorporate the ethos of a family into the working sphere. They are calling it a "parivaar".

A smart owner will look for out put and the means with which he achieves it also matters. If you are trying to squeeze out performance then it becomes hard for you to maintain such good relationships with your work force. Moreover a company is run by employees and not by the employer so make sure that they are willing to work for you instead of some other company.

A staff room can also become the place where anti management voices can be raised but on the other hand if you provide good amenities and keep you employees happy they wont even bother. They work because they get paid and they get to work in a good environment. Provide them what they need and they will give you some extra.

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