Golf Tournament Event Ideas

by Nancy Andrews - Date: 2007-03-07 - Word Count: 430 Share This!

This is the time of year when many of us are reviewing our plans for our local annual golf event. Since most of these events are for charity, budgets can be lean.

If you have not already considered a 'Sponsor' donation category, this is a good way to raise the total contributed quickly. Local companies can be persuaded to contribute - sometimes in a fairly large way if you know what they are really looking for.

In a word, it's publicity. Good publicity is not a commodity easily come by. So by giving them good publicity, they are more likely to open the corporate wallet. Many events have local companies sponsor a hole. For this to work well, not only should you provide a listing in an event flyer but you should invest in some quality signage at each hole that proudly lists the sponsor.

Now get even more creative. Ask one or more sponsors to donate for event gifts for the participants. Their take? Their name listed with yours on the items given away. For example, you can get towels with the event logo and the sponsor's logo imprinted for a very reasonable price. This is an item that will last for quite some time so it has real value for a local company. Other popular items can be golf tees or logo'd golf balls. In either case you can sometimes co-brand with a major sponsor.

Use the publicity angle to your advantage to get local news coverage. Local TV stations and radio stations are always looking for local news to announce. Be sure to contact them well in advance (4 months or so) and arrange for some coverage. Invite a local sports caster to participate for free so the local news camera crew has a good reason to show up and film their sports announcer being a good sport for a great cause. This works well with local newspapers as well. There are more news hungary media outlets than ever that desperately want something worthy to report on.

Finally, make sure that all your communications are professionally prepared. Invest a small amount to get some stationary printed up. Be sure to stress in all communications what is in it for them to cover or donate to your event. Approach local golf shops with the same types of offers that you'd use for any local company and you may be surprised at how generous they can be.

Raising a little or a lot for your charity is determined in the planning. So start planning now and set new levels of donations for your event this year.

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