Fundraising Idea - Offer Your Supporters A Healthy Product

by Kerry Thomas - Date: 2010-07-09 - Word Count: 347 Share This!

How do you raise money for your non-profit organization in tough economic times? Consider the benefits of offering people a healthy product that they can use everyday. The idea here is to help your supporters redirect their existing spending to a product that you offer. For example, if they are already buying vitamins then you can offer a vitamin product that can replace their current choice and they will likely buy the product to help support your fundraising program.

You should also consider the added benefit of continued purchases of the healthy product you offer. Once your supporters are using your product and it solves a need or offers a value to them, then they are very likely to continue buying that product. This can be ideal for your fundraising as these continued purchases can generate residual income for you. In this scenario, your fundraising program essentially goes on and is there making you money all the time.

The best fundraising program will do all of this automatically for your organization. Having a provider that handles orders,shipping, and stocks the product inventory is essential to making this program super easy to use. Your organization will simply need to direct your supporters to the marketing site of the provider and then they will do all the heavy lifting for you. You will essentially be free of doing all the time consuming tasks of some of the more conventional fundraising systems.

This system can also keep your organizers from spending hours and hours trying to come up with a good fundraising idea each year. Once this fundraiser is in place, your volunteers can spend time promoting and not planning. The extra time gained can be used for more effective work and not spinning the wheels trying to get a program in place.

In summary. Offer healthy products that give your supporters value and you can generate residual income on their purchases. Don't struggle to come up with a new fundraising idea every time you need funds. Use a program that allows your fundraising volunteers to work productively instead of handling administrative tasks.

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