Three Simple Steps to Establishing a Goal: The First Step To Successful Fundraising

by Mary Lynne Bohannon - Date: 2006-12-14 - Word Count: 381 Share This!

Creating a logical and realistic goal is the beginning to any successful fundraiser. Goals need to be attainable within a realistic time frame. There are three steps to determining the right goal. You must establish a physical goal, set the monetary goal, and communicate your goal. When these steps are taken, goal setting becomes effortless and effective.

1. The first step is to determine what your physical goal is. What are you going to use the money for? For Example, buy new playground equipment, build a building, or send 100 children to camp. Staff, volunteers, and donors relate more to something they can imagine than just a dollar amount. Supports feel more emotionally connected when they knew how their donation will be used. Having a physical item is also essential during the marketing phase. A picture is much more effective than a monetary goal on marketing materials.

2. Next, set the monetary goal. Although we want the focus to be on the physical product, we can not ignore the fact that funds are a crucial part of a fundraiser. Using the physical item gives us a clear directions to head in when establishing this amount. Do your research to determine exactly how much funding you need in order to achieve this goal. There is nothing worse than estimating the amount needed, achieving that goal, and finding out you came up short when you go to purchase the physical item. Be sure to include the operating costs of your fundraiser.

3. Finally, communicate communicate communicate! Tell your staff, volunteers, supporters, and anyone else involved about your goal. Be sure that your goal is clear and precise and everyone is on the same page. Motivation and co operation are created when everyone is reaching for the same star. Let them know the physical goal and the monetary goal. Ongoing communication allows everyone to feel like and important part of the team. Which, of course, they are!

Take a deep breath, and realize that meeting your fundraising goal is easier than you probably imagine. By follow the three simple steps, you will have a solid foundation on which to build the rest of your fundraising efforts on. Determine a physical goal, set the monetary goal, and communicate with everyone. You are now on your way to the most successful fundraiser possible.

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