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In the previous document we looked at the new situation school principals find themselves in the new economy. Funding is going to be tight for the next couple of years and people involved with school projects and non profit groups are going to have to depend on new ways to generate money.
We last left off looking at annual campaigns as the most common form of fundraising. There are other options which help to raise more money.

Capital Campaigns

Capital campaigns are bigger in scope than annual campaigns and last longer to accommodate the goals. Principals would use these campaigns for adding an addition to the school like a science or performing arts center and would last three to five years.

A good way to encourage people to step up and be the lead gift giver for this campaign is to offer them some kind of public recognition for their contribution. You can name the addition after them or put a plaque in the foyer of the building honouring them. You can even include major contributors divided into monetary levels donated. That way the average donation price will rise in order for individual and commercial donations to hit a certain level.

Once the main portion of the building is named start auctioning off the remaining parts of the new construction like the library, stage, dressing room or seats for additional income. The main reason capital campaigns can raise such big contributions is the size of the gift being offered the donor and the exact reason donors are so motivated to give.

Planned Giving

Principals and non profit organizations may also look into different forms of compensation. Since in the new economy cash may be a little hard to come by gifts of non cash assets will work as nicely. Any gift of stock, bonds, mutual funds, life insurance or home, cottage and rental properties can be included. The donor may have to consider their estate plan and tax situation.

Legal documents should be prepared to indicate the gift and signing over of land or material gifts. Due to the legal entanglements it would be worthwhile for principals to get in touch with private schools, colleges and universities who have already instituted planned giving into their funding.
With annual fundraising combined with capital campaigns and planned giving the fundraising options are explored. Added to their arsenal of grants public school Principals will have more options for getting the funding they desperately need.

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