Wu-yi Tea - True Weight Loss Or Mostly Hype?

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Wu-yi tea is popping up quite a bit lately on the internet, and some who are selling it state that it can dramatically make folks lose weight. Is this fact of just another one of those internet gimmicks?

Ok, let us get right to the truth about this. Wu-yi tea can indeed help a person shed pounds, but help is the keyword.

For example, consuming this over-priced beverage once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and finally another cup after a large dinner, then sitting on the couch and not doing anything believing the pounds will magically disappear is only going to lead to disappointment.

It is very important to include proper dieting and plenty of exercise along with drinking this tea for weight loss! Wu-yi tea, or any other tea will not make you lose weight all by themselves, that just won't happen. And yes, some sellers of this tea do mention that on their websites also. However, I still think that overall this is just one big sales pitch.

Any tea can aid in losing weight, why? Well, all tea comes from the same Camellia sinensis plant and therefore contain the same properties. However, types like green and oolong tea contain more plant polyphenols which are responsible for its faster calorie burning abilities. When these polyphenols are consumed, they trigger an action in the body called "thermogenesis" where fatty tissues called triglyceride are dissolved by the release of natural enzymes. There is really no need to spend the extra cash on these expensive Wu-yi products.

So What Exactly Is Wu-yi Tea?

Wu-yi tea is just a variety of oolong tea, a main tea classification that falls in between green and black tea. It is grown in the Wuyi Mountains which is located in China's Fujian Province and is cultivated along with other varieties oolong. The reason that this tea type is being promoted as "the weight loss tea" is due to the fact that oolong tea in general contains the highest polyphenol count over the other three main tea types, even more than green.

However, these numbers aren't major and will not make any impact unless folks eat healthy, and get plenty of exercise, all while following the advice from their physician before consuming this tea for weight loss. Furthermore, how folks prepare tea strongly determines on how many of these polyphenols as well as other health benefits and even full flavor they obtain!

Some Wu-yi tea products are sold in tea bag form, and not by loose leaves. Brewing tea loose leaf style is without a doubt the best way to achieve maximum health consumption as well as experience superior flavor! Tea yields thousands of varieties, all with their own distinctiveness. The delicate flavor of any tea cannot be justified by steeping any bag. So when it comes to Wu-yi tea or any other tea, brew it loose leaf style.

Well, I hope this article helped some save a little money before spending it on these hyped products. I'm not saying that what it claims won't work, it's just that you can get pretty much the same results from any other oolong tea, plus more for your buck.

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