3 Key Factors of a Good Bar

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The process of elimination combined with a list of "pros" and "cons" is used by many people to make decisions because have found it helpful. A high-quality decision making process usually results in a good, solid, decision. Some of us who have already made our decision, and we have chosen Colonel Frog's in Homosassa, FL as the perfect hang-out place. We're pretty confident that you'll arrive at the same conclusion. But since you might not be fortunate enough to live in close proximity to Homosassa, Florida and Colonel Frog's (see factor #1), these tips will help you find a bar almost as good Colonel Frog's closer to your zip code.

And what is a more important decision than determining a good bar? Here are 3 tips to help you make your own list of "pros" and "cons" with any bar you might be considering calling "home". They're legitimate points, just because the answers all point to Colonel Frog's in Homosassa, FL as being the best of the best, is unrelated. We promise.

1 .Where is the bar located?

Where the bar is situated is obviously very important. If you live in Homosassa and the bar you are mulling over is in Miami, even though you may be within Florida state lines, its not very practical. Ideally, a good bar will be found somewhere close to where you work, sleep, and eat. The very best of situations would be for it to be directly in the paths between those things. And, of course, if your new watering-hole is also near to other forms of entertainment (like a movie theatre, mall, etc), that would be about as perfect of a location as anyone could ever hope to find!

2. Is the bar safe?

This is especially an important question for women to consider. While women should obviously never completely let their guard down in a room filled with alcohol, they should feel secure enough to walk to and from their own cars. You know your town, be smart about where you choose to frequent and don't be afraid to ask others in the area if they agree with your assessment. Towards this end, its also a good idea to be on friendly terms with the bar tenders and bouncers. Should you decide to party alone one night, its still a smart idea to have someone to be able to confidently turn to if someone with a little too much liquid courage in the their system tries to give you a hard time.

3. Who will you be partying with?

Depending on what type of relationship you have with who you will be going with is an important factor in determining what bar to regularly patronize. Are you looking for a regular spot to bring potential clients and other business contacts, an intimate setting for a hot date, or a hang-out joint to party hardy with friends? You may find you need a couple of regular bars for different kinds of social situations. For those looking for a laid-back, friendly, and jovial atmosphere, Colonel Frog's in Homosassa, Florida is a great choice for your new bar "home".

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