Remembering Those Favourite Sweets From Our Youth

by Benjamin Townsend - Date: 2010-10-16 - Word Count: 395 Share This!

It's safe to say that quality never goes out of fashion and just as those favourite Top 40 hits of yesteryear remain as popular as ever, so do those iconic 'goodies' which helped to make everyone's childhood so enjoyable. The highlight of every child's week used to be 'hot footing' it down to the local newsagents on a Saturday morning, pocket money in hand, to purchase such delights as a bag of Flying Saucers, or Cough Candy.

Sadly, many local shops no longer have a display which is crammed with wonderful old fashioned sweets, but that doesn't mean to say that they're no longer available! In fact the exact opposite is true, because if you have a look on the internet you'll come across a virtual tuck shop which is positively bursting with all of those memorable retro treats. Of course, nothing is going to bring back those fond memories of childhood, but this is certainly the next best thing.

Everyone has their favourite retro treats and regardless of whether it's aniseed balls or mint humbugs that tantalise the taste buds, you'll be pleased to hear that one and all are still available for your delight and delectation. Indeed ladies and gentlemen, retro sweets are alive and well and now your own children can enjoy those Wham Bars and Sherbet Fountains which you so craved yourself as a youngster.

Fruit Salad Chews, Jellybeans, Mojos and Midget Gems, all names which are sure to bring wonderful memories flooding back and make no mistake, they still taste and look as good as they did all those years ago! For some reason, modern 'goodies' seem to lack a certain magic, perhaps it's because we associate Bonbons and Penny Chews with happy carefree times, or maybe it's simply that those old favourites just taste so much better.

The market for traditional sweets continues to grow and of course, this is great news for those who enjoy a nostalgia trip now and again. Amazingly, when you buy a selection of your favourite 'goodies' you'll find that the packaging remains unchanged and after all, it was the wrappers as well as the treats themselves that enticed us all in the first place. It may be the case that those childhood years are well behind us, but thanks to enlightened suppliers, we can all still enjoy those things that made those formative years so very enjoyable.

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