Types and Designs of Cookie Cutters

by Criss White - Date: 2010-11-08 - Word Count: 498 Share This!

Cookies are everyone's favorite snack. No matter what time of day, it seems that it becomes the ultimate comfort food for people of all ages. A cookie has to have a special taste - not bland and not too sweet. And with the texture, anything goes - whether chewy, crunchy, nutty or gooey, cookies will always be something good to sink your teeth into. It is no wonder everyone loves cookies, and to have them in fun shapes and designs can make munching on them even more special. Cookie cutters can range from the simple round ones to a more complicated cookie mold. Here are the different types of cookie cutters and designs you can find or make.

- Cutout style - This type of cookie cutter is normally made of food grade aluminum and the shape will be seen as the outline of the cookie. A snowman-shaped cutout cookie cutter will have two circles as an outline. Only the outline or the shape of the cookie can be made.

- Cookie stamps - Unlike the cutout style, cookie stamps can have the cookie bear the images on the top of the cookie. With cookie stamps, you can now see the eyes, nose, his scarf, and the smile of the snowman. However, cookie stamps will not bear the exact outline. Instead, it will also be stamped and the outline of the cookie will not follow the image. Cookie stamps are best for those cookies that have elaborate designs.

- Cookie molds - Just like any other mold, cookie molds are three dimensional. You can now see the entire body and shape of the snowman - exactly like the snowman in the porch, just way smaller and tastier.

- Cookie presses - With cookie presses, the dough comes out of the tube already shaped as desired. Instead of having to lay down the dough and cutout or stamp with the image, cookie presses have the dough inside the tube and mounted on the other end is the desired shape of the cookie.

As for designs, cookie cutter designs are generally seasonal. Come winter, popular cookie shapes are bells, snowflakes, snowmen, gift boxes, wreaths, Christmas trees, winter hats, ribbons, mittens, angels, poinsettias, or any other design associated with winter, Christmas, and the holiday season. Spring, fall, and summer will have their own popular cookie designs. Whether as a gift or for your own baking needs, cookie cutters are versatile, fun, and innovative.

To complete the fun look of your cookies, you can place them in colorful and printed tin cans or you can place them in special boxes. There are boxes that come in different shapes as well and you can choose from plain covers to ones that have a transparent window so they can immediately see the yummy cookie with the fun shape inside. Add a beautiful ribbon or if you have special printed ribbons, those can do the trick as well. Eating cookies, different cookie cutters, different cookie topping and flavors - well, just like Cookie Monster, we all love everything cookie.

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