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Why Go with Unlimited Background Checks?
Unlimited background checks make sense for people or organizations that routinely run background checks because of the costs involved. For example, if you run 30 backgrounds a month at a cost of just $50 each, that's $1500 a month. What if you could find a service that offers unlimited background checks for just $100 per month? Believe it or not you can! In fact, many services feature monthly fees for even less than you'd pay for a single background check elsewhere.

The Advantages of Unlimited Background Checks
The first advantage of unlimited background checks is the price. Going with a monthly service plan gives you price certainty and locks in your price. Rather than spending hundreds or thousands of dollars each month, you'll pay the one flat fee. Of course, if you have a month where you do not use the service, you'll still need to pay. However, if you're seeing significant savings most months, an occasional month of non-use shouldn't be a problem. Another advantage is the immediacy. With an unlimited, online service, you can sign into your account and immediately begin conducting background checks on job applicants, potential renters, borrowers, potential mates, and other people. You do not need to wait for an investigator to get around to your request nor do you need to wait for automated processes to complete. Instead, you can start exploring public record databases and gathering information.

The Disadvantages of Unlimited Background Checks
With the cost advantage of inexpensive background checking services, it's hard to imagine a downside. However, you should be aware that unlimited background checks may have a few potential flaws. First, conducting unlimited background checks online often means that you must be a do-it-yourselfer. If you're already overworked, taking on the task of conducting background checks yourself may not be worthwhile. Second, you must be aware that results could contain information about individuals sharing the same name. Professional background investigators know to double check birthdates and other identifying information to ensure that the report details the correct person. Untrained users run the risk of misidentifying individuals.

Information Revealed by Unlimited Background Checks
When you join a service offering unlimited background checks, you'll have access to a wide range of public records used to create comprehensive background reports including:
State and federal criminal records
Driving records
Property records
Marriage and divorce records
Bankruptcy records
Employment records

Whether you're screening job applicants or potential mates - or simply curious about someone's past - inexpensive unlimited background checking services may be the better choice for you.

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