Solar Energy Around Your Home

by James Bratley - Date: 2007-03-03 - Word Count: 320 Share This!

You may be surprised to learn how solar energy extraction has been around for over 100 years, and during the industrial revolution, the sun was used to produce steam which would then drive turbines generating power.

The technology we use today does not rely on steam, but the charging of electrons contained within solar cells made of semi-conductive material. So, we can learn by this, that solar technology not at all in it's infancy, as many people currently believe. We should have much more confidence in the energy we are able to harness from the sun, and use this on a much larger scale.

Everyday, more energy hits your average rooftop than the energy which comes into your home through wires. This shows you the huge capacity that solar energy has to offer.

Many people agree, and rightly so, that the best source of natural energy out there (the sun) is hugely underrated. Solar energy has the potential to provide a home with a free (or a significant boost to a) power supply all year round.

New technologies are making solar panels increasingly efficient regarding power output, durability, and their ability to harness much more solar energy on dull and cloudy days. This makes a solar panel a very good option for integration to any household.

An ever growing number of people concerned about our environment, and the future effects of global warming, have found great success in installing a solar panel and home wind turbine mix. This provides a more stable energy supply, as in the summer your solar panel can shine, and in the winter your small wind turbine will provide that extra piece of mind.

The only reason that should stop you, or put you off the idea of home energy production is the initial cost. Many people cannot afford the initial investment needed, but if you can, the future benefits regarding your extremely low electricity bills will be well worth the investment.

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