Mideast Oil, Soon We Won't Need It, Then Who Will They Kick Around?

by Don Jones - Date: 2006-12-10 - Word Count: 434 Share This!

GM and all the auto makers are pushing hybrids to the front burner. Save fuel. They don't need to save much to have a monstrous effect on automobile consumption. Twenty years seems far away, but there will be a surplus of oil by or before then and we will have all sorts of sources from folks who do not hate us so violently. It is true China is coming on line to be a big user but there are already sources planned for that future. We still have the Gulf Coast oil untapped that Congress cannot agree upon yet, however it is there and we will go for it if the pressure gets tighter. The United States of America has saved the planet many times and continues to be the shaker and mover. We will clean up the environment with less use of Mid-Eastern oil. Everything is turning away from fossil fuels. The scientists yelled at us for ten years or more about global warming, but we now have the message.

There is one thing about us. We truly are the sleeping giant, the Japanese awakened following their attack upon Pearl Harbor. We need to be awakened from time to time. When the US Giant awakens it can turn miracles in warp time. So don't get down about the world situation. Medicine is ten times what it was and growing more and more effective. There are no more epidemics and mass dying. A depression is just a small dent compared the the real Depression of the 30's. We keep building good roads and better cities and the rest of the world wants to move here or be just like us. We understand saving the planet and we are getting better at fighting greed and corruption, as is the rest of the world.

We really do not like war and killing any more than most of the planet. Those that do foster such will someday disappear. So it is really a bright future. The problem is we only live so long and it takes a few generations to smooth things out. We are coming around the corner and the light is brighter now.

Won't it be fun when our current enemies beg us to use their oil? These little Hitlers with their giant ego's will sing a different tune when we are not dependent upon their oil anymore. Who needs to import sand or camels? So far all they have shown they can grow is fanaticism, hatred and teaching youth how to blow themselves up. They never teach youth how to blow themselves up by demonstration do they?

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