The Advantages of Wind Energy

by Evert DuToit - Date: 2007-01-08 - Word Count: 400 Share This!

Wind power is one the oldest and most basic types of energy. It's been used since the first windmills were build in Europe hundreds of years ago. And now as the developed world is searching for alternative to fossil fuels the technologies to convert wind energy into usable forms of electricity is getting more attention. Even though there are some strong opponents to using wind power, the advantages of this type of alternative energy cannot be ignored.

Currently it is still more efficient to use traditional and atomic energy to generate the electricity we need for our modern lives than it is to use wind. Unfortunately these forms of electricity contribute greatly to the greenhouse effect, and we have to discontinue the use of these sources if we want to create a healthier environment for ourselves and future generations.

Wind energy on the other hand is 100% natural, clean and healthy. It does not impact the environment and does not produce any of the harmful byproducts that fossil fuels and nuclear power create.

Contrary to what many believe, generating electricity from wind is actually very cost effective. Currently, on average, it costs about 5 cents per kilowatt-hour to produce wind energy. This is cheaper that all other forms of alternative energy. The wind is not likely to stop blowing, so it is a completely renewable form of power, and that also means that the price of production is unlikely to rise, in fact it will probably go even lower.

Finally, expanding our capacity to generate electricity from wind power, can boost the economy some of the more rural areas of the country. Many of the best places to use for wind power, are in the rural areas where there are many farms and ranches. The government and energy companies can rent small areas of land from the farmers of the area. The windmills don not take much space, so the farmers will still be able to use their land as before, plus have extra income from housing the windmills.

The advantages of using wind energy cannot be ignored. As more cost effective techniques are developed, more investors are likely to buy into wind farm projects. It is possible that within a few decades Americans will be seeing windmills being built all over the country. In short, it will help alleviate the energy crises, it will benefit the environment and bring a boost to the economy.

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