Emotional Bliss Womolia Product Review

by S. Roberts - Date: 2008-08-02 - Word Count: 497 Share This!

Emotional Bliss has developed a new range of massagers that heat up whilst in use.

The Womolia Heat has an angled tip which is perfect for directly stimulating the clitoris but it also reaches the ultra sensitive 'orgasmic platform', the first two inches at the entrance of the vagina. During sexual stimulation there is a rush of blood to the sexual organs. The blood nourishes the millions of sensitive nerve ending in the area. This is why during sexual activity the vagina and surrounding area can look redder than at other times.

The rush of bloody also causes a natural heating effect. The heat function on the Womolia massager replicates this effect soon and helps to tease and excite your body.

Dishydee said:

"First impressions were wow. Not only did the product look and sound fantastic but also it is packaged in a really stylish box with detailed instructions of how you can use it for you and him.
I knew just by looking and feeling the product that this would live up to its name

The EB does everything it says it does. What's even better about it is that it doesn't need batteries and is run by a charger. We have used it loads since it has arrived and the charge has only just started to run down. This item is a big hit and you are in control the whole time with the speeds, which vary from slow to fast and a unique pulse action, which is fantastic. The sound is like any other vibrator can be bit noisy when on fast but even then its not excessively loud. There were absolutely no difficulties using this product it does everything that you would expect. "

Suzy said:

"As with most sex toys there is a degree of embarrassment but once we got going all our inhibitions went out the window! The item did turn us on and put us in the mood for sex and made me feel more sexually attractive towards my partner. The item made me feel more aroused with the different vibrating techniques.

My partner enjoyed using the product on me and also when I used it on him too. We both liked the different vibrating settings. "

Sonar2031 said:

"This product was very good and pleased both myself and my partner and has been enjoyed a few times since arriving. I showed this item to my cousin and he thought it looked good and discreetly not looking like a typical sex toy and that I would be good to use with his girlfriend.

This is not really something I would have wanted before but I did enjoy it and will be using this regularly. The heat was a different sensation and one we both enjoyed and it exceeded both our expectations. "

Justin & T Rex said:

"I really enjoyed the item and we will definitely be using it regularly.

We were quite shocked how well the item performed and how long it held a charge before running out"

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