Selling Your House Fast In Florida for the First Time

by Kris Koonar - Date: 2006-12-04 - Word Count: 491 Share This!

If you are looking to relocate and wish to sell your house fast in Florida, there are some basic steps you need to take to ensure a good price.

1) It is important to do your homework before you decide to sell your house. You can take the help of the Internet and gather the information required to sell your home effectively. It will also provide you with some valuable information regarding the legalities involved in closing the deal.

2) If you are selling your house for the first time then you can either sell it yourself or take the help of an agent. If you choose to sell the house without a real estate agent then you could save on the high commission. This would also mean that you have to manage every thing on your own. If you want to sell your house fast then you can take help from a real estate agent who will make the process less time consuming. There are more than one million licensed real estate agents in America who can help in closing the deal.

3) If you need to sell your house fast then try to spruce up the interior as well as the exterior, by making some small changes and renovations. This will not only give a good impression to the buyer, but it will also increase the value of your house.

4) Determining the value of the property will be the next important step in the sale. A look at the recent home sales record will be of great help as it will give you an idea of the price at which houses in your neighborhood are evaluated. It will help you in determining the value of your house. You can get hold of this information from the county records or just drive around your neighborhood and make a list of the houses similar to yours. Calculate a price per square foot, keeping in mind other special factors like a swimming pool and the basic floor plan.

5) Once you have set the price you need to advertise the sale. Exposure will mean that your house will get listed for buyers to know about it. All the properties in Florida are listed on a central database system that is available to all the real estate agents. This will expose your home to realtors and finally to prospective buyers. Getting your home listed in this system will help you in selling the house fast.

6) Providing incentives to the buyers and realtors can prove to be helpful in selling your house fast. A small incentive will add to the enthusiasm of the buyers. Even the realtors will ensure faster sale of your house if you offer them a bonus in the form of incentive.

7) Once you get a buyer for the house, sign a sales contract based on mutual agreement. The contract must include the price of the house, the insurance and time frame.

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