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by Jackson Summerford - Date: 2007-01-19 - Word Count: 556 Share This!

The majority of today's college students are extremely Internet savvy. In fact, many of those students, either individually or under the instruction of a professor, create their own websites, blogs and other online "homes." These sites showcase everything from editorials about the student's favorite football team to photo albums of spring break pictures.

Then there are those students, endowed with an entrepreneurial spirit, who transform their websites from purely recreational endeavors into selling tools. This can be an advantageous choice for students who are neck deep in student loans and credit card bills.

Chris Ellington, CEO of Article Marketer, states that "many [students] have intellectual property to sell -- music, photos, all types of intellectual property -- to create income. Taking the next logical step, they create digital content and market themselves to open financial doors."

There are a plethora of potential readers just waiting to see what others have to say, and students in colleges and universities have much to say that is of interest.

Utilizing the World Wide Web, students are able to market and sell their own creative and intellectual products. This can include everything from original vocal tracks to studio-made jewelry, even editing services for fellow students' papers.

Many of these students have discovered the power of article marketing in their pursuit to drive traffic to their websites. The process begins with the student writing articles about subjects they are already knowledgeable about and getting them published online. Engaging articles encourage readers to visit the personal website of the author. Ellington claims that "writers find that not only are they able to develop a readership base, they are also able to connect with those having similar interests."

As an added benefit, these students are also honing their writing skills, a priceless tool for students in every field.

"It's difficult to imagine a better way to learn composition and writing skills than to be internally incentivized and actually increase the money you make, based on your writing skills," says Angela D. Carrier, a former Campus Director at National College of Business and Technology. "As students draw readers to their websites, they create worldwide opportunities to identify potential customers."

Carrier, who taught Business Communications Skills, views the written word as a weakness in many college students. "One of the best ways to learn anything is by doing," she says. "Why not make money and learn writing, editing, and communication skills at the same time? Higher education puts a mandate on writing skills; monetizing personal growth and development is an outstanding way to encourage our students."

As more students discover their ability to make income from intellectual property, an increasing number have subscribed to article marketing services to gain exposure. These students have begun to build a base for a personal business that has the potential to transform into a thriving, life-sustaining asset.

Professors and school administrators alike are also catching on to the trend of student-run Internet businesses. They identify the many benefits of allowing students to earn money for education while simultaneously improving writing skills.

As the Internet continues to grow, so will the virtual opportunities online. Our current college students are our future leaders. They have things to say and the article marketing phenomenon is giving them a platform to say it. In the meantime, it serves well to relieve some of the financial burden of a college education.

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