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If you have a regular income and are 18 or over then you may be able to get a credit card. You will probably get offers through the post but even if you do you will still have to show that you are worth giving a credit card to.

Card companies often charge an annual fee. Some card companies will not charge the annual fee if you have a good enough credit history. The best card for you to have is one where the total of the different charges is as small as possible. Having a card with a low or no annual fee, a low or naught percent APR that gives you customer rewards is the best possible type of card.

Beware though, some card companies charge a processing fee for the instant approval. It is also a good idea to compare the different reward schemes and benefits offered by the various cards. You should particularly compare the rewards and benefits on the instant approval cards with the more traditional cards. If you are not going to be better off with an instant approval card then why bother applying for it? All banks and credit card companies will need your name, address and national insurance number. They may require other information as well but these three are required by all banks and credit card companies to enable them to do their initial checks.

At times you may need to get a credit card, or use one you already have, to build up your credit rating. Making payments on time will improve your credit rating.

If all else fails, you may be able to get a secured credit card. These cards differ from normal credit cards as they only allow you to spend the amount of money you have at any one time. The advantage is you should not get into debt as you are only spending what you currently have. The down side is the credit card companies may charge you which will replace their lost income from interest charges.

It is important with credit cards to pay more than the minimum payment as this will reduce the overall cost of your credit by a large amount. Many credit card companies set their minimum payments low to ensure customers do not pay off their credit. Try not to fall into their trap.

Credit cards are good but shop around for one that meets your needs and try to pay as much as possible off each bill to keep the cost as low as possible and to avoid debt.

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