In the Lap of the Gods 22

by Steve Morgan - Date: 2008-10-05 - Word Count: 266 Share This!

This is just an explanation for those who have read some of the other Chapters of, "In the Lap of the Gods".

This is an autobiography that I decided to write for my grandchildren or perhaps my great-grandchildren. I have always felt that a good many older people have a wealth of knowledge and experiences to share with either their immedite families or others who lived through that particular era.

When my 6'4" son read the first 20 chapters for the first time he just grabbed me and gave me the biggest hug imaginable and said with tears streaming down his face, "I'd like to kill those bastards that did that to you!" Needless to say I was stunned but warmed at the same time. I explained to him that the experiences I had endured made me the strong person I am today so it was no big deal. In fact I always wanted both my boys to have the experiences I had at boarding school but not to have to go through the process!!!

I realise this is impossible so I decided on the easy way out by writing it all down for them to assimilate it as they see fit.

For those who are still reading my life story I'd really appreciate some feedback in the form of comments so that I can place more Chapters for those who wish to find out more about how my life unfolded. Without your support I fear that  I may be boring people and wasting my time. Even one comment from one reader would be enough to post more chapters.

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Retired Principal originally from England but now resident in New Zealand for the past 55yrs

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