How To Restart or Boost Your Body's Own Built-in Cancer Fighting Machine

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As you may know, cancer is second only to heart disease in mortality. An amazing one-third of Americans will eventually die due to some form of cancer (although the information I will share with you literally has the power to change that statistic.)

Ironically, many cancers can be prevented by maintaining a good diet, avoiding carcinogens and reinforcing the immune system.

Once a cancer has established itself, however, more firepower is needed to fight it off. What most people don't know is that our bodies, in fact every cell of our body, is equipped with the ability to fight cancer.

Just a little more background before we get to that...

The most common forms of cancer are prostate cancer for men and breast cancer for women. Next is bladder and lymphoma cancer for men and uterine and ovarian cancer for women.

Why does it happen?

Well, first we need to understand what happens.

In simple terms, healthy cells only allow normal cellular replication. Unhealthy cells lose control of the replication process and form a clump of growing cancerous tissue.

This clump (called a tumor), if left unchecked, can expand and crowd out normal tissue. As the process advances, the clump breaks into smaller pieces that travel to other parts of the body and repeat this damaging process of uncontrolled replication.

This is, of course, called cancer.

Symptoms begin to appear once this clump begins to interfere with bodily functions or depletes energy resources.

So, to put it simply, cancer happens due to unhealthy cells.

Thus, what we really need to know is: What causes a cell to be unhealthy?

Good question...We have billions of cells and it seems like it would be impossible for everyone of them to stay healthy. That is absolutely true. In fact, cells have a life cycle, they come and go, they start out healthy and then eventually get old and die.

So why doesn't everyone have cancer?

The truth is, they do.

What! Everyone has cancer? Yes, in the sense that we all have cells in our body which have become unhealthy, some due to natural decline and genetic predisposition, but others due to the effect of the stresses our bodies absorb on a daily basis. Some of these cells then lose their ability to replicate properly and begin to show signs of cancer.

The point is, if you keep the majority of your cells healthy, you will have a healthy immune system and a relatively "clean" body (think: detoxification) which can quickly and naturally attack and eliminate cancerous cells from your body.

In a healthy body, this "cancer fighting machine" is at work 24/7. But in an unhealthy body, it is as if our "cancer fighting machine" stalls and just can't keep up, giving the cancerous cells time to take root and potentially take over.

In fact, when our body gets behind, when our immune system is not responding quickly, when our body is being overwhelmed by unhealthy cells, we manifest this in a way most of us are familiar with-it is called uncontrolled inflammation.

Most of us have felt the effects of inflammation. The achy, painful to the touch, often swollen tissue that is the result of some sort of injury or insult to the body.

We sometimes notice inflammation when it is working properly, healing a bruise or sprain. However, uncontrolled inflammation is different.

The constant physical and even emotional stress we all endure leads to an inflammation response that is not balanced and which wreaks havoc on our bodies.

Countless scientific journals point to uncontrolled inflammation, "oxidative stress" or "free radicals" as the common denominator in most major disease states and one of the more prominent causes of cancer.

NOTE: In 1996 the European Journal of Cancer suggested that free radicals (or uncontrolled inflammation) be listed as an important class of carcinogens (known causes of cancer).In essence, the stressful, toxic world we face on the outside is taking a toll on us-on the inside. Our cells are maxed out. The physical stresses we encounter overwhelm the natural systems that are supposed to keep us balanced. And, without knowing it, we contribute to our own demise by simply not doing what it takes to get balanced. But it is possible to give your cells what is needed to get balanced?

Yes! And that's what this article is really about. If you have cancer or if your concerned about curing your unhealthy body, don't despair.

Now that you understand what is happening on a cellular level, you can act decisively and get your body balanced so it can heal and protect your health.

So, are you ready for the good news that could catapult you past the conventional wisdom and put you back on the road to pure health?

By fighting the root cause most disease states-uncontrolled inflammation--you can prevent and even reverse the debilitating illness you may be struggling with.

You can be healthy, entirely healthy. If you have been involved in healthy living for even a short time, you know that the best defense against free radicals are antioxidants.

Now the question becomes…what is the most effective, the most scientifically tested antioxidant?

You may have noticed, the health food store shelves are chock full of antioxidants.

Like most people seeking a real cure, you have probably spent a few dollars on vitamins, minerals and other beneficial supplements. Although you may have had a measure of success with the variety of supplements you have taken over the years, you may not have experienced a true breakthrough.

Understanding a little known, but increasingly mentioned, molecule produced naturally by our bodies is the key to a true breakthrough in fighting the root cause of cancer.

This molecule is called Glutathione or GSH. The chemical our body produces by itself which has been called the "master antioxidant".

Yes, GSH is the fuel our "cancer fighting engine" needs to run strongly and smoothly. Fuel that can be produced naturally in every cell of our body.

Understanding what GSH is and how to increase the bodies ability to produce this life sustaining molecule has recently transformed the quality of life for so many. It can make a difference in your life as well.

Since it can be difficult to read and understand too much information at once we have put together a free series of 10 information packed emails. In 10 days from now you will have the knowledge you need to fight uncontrolled inflammation and get your life back.

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***Kent lives in Indianapolis, IN and publishes for, a media source dedicated to educating individuals on the fundamental dangers of uncontrolled inflammation and the power of Glutathione (GSH) in boosting the bodies natural ability to fight most major disease states.

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