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by Howard Gottlieb - Date: 2010-09-09 - Word Count: 501 Share This!

There are millions of charities and fundraisers going on at this very moment. You probably have bought or donated something to a charity that you don't even know what it is. People give billions of dollars every year to charities and fundraisers. Wouldn't it be great if you could get involved with a charity or a fundraiser that you are passionate about? The relay for life is a great fundraising event that helps to fight cancer. With a group of friends and a goal in mind, your team can help fight cancer.

One thing that adds excitement to this event is themes. There are thousands of different themes for Relay for Life that you can choose from. You can even make up one if the team would like. A theme is not required of the team, but it is encouraged for several reasons. First, it gets the team excited about being involved and helping the fight with cancer. It brings the group closer together and creates friendships that will last a lifetime. It also raises more money than teams without a theme. People give and donate more when they see that the people involved are passionate and put effort into the fundraiser.

There are several popular themes for Relay for Life. One popular theme is the doctor theme. The team dresses up as doctors and nurses and has a slogan such as "Searching and Sweating for the Cure." Another popular theme is the 80's theme. The group dresses up in leggings, sweats, and wild makeup and creates a slogan that says "Totally, For sure, we want a cure." There are hundreds of different themes that a group can come up with. If your team is looking for a theme, get together and share your ideas. Think of what the group has in common, and what has brought them all together. Maybe the group is a bunch of co-workers. Maybe you work for a computer company. The team can dress up like a bunch of nerds and have a slogan that says "Nerds want a cure too." Maybe you are a group of moms and are looking for something silly to do. The team can dress up like football players and have a slogan that says "Tough moms fight for cancer."

The sky is the limit when searching for themes for Relay for Life. The themes can represent the team, or can be something random and fun. The important thing is to have fun with it and create an atmosphere where everyone wants to be involved.

If you are raising money for Relay for Life it really helps to choose a great theme. That unites your team members on something more than an arbitrary concept of a team and instead builds something with an actual name. Team members can take ownership in their team more easily.

Once your theme has been chosen it is time to begin your fundraising efforts. Remember what a good cause you are supporting and as a team go exceed your goals now.

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