What Is The Diet's Role In Colon Cancer

by Groshan Fabiola - Date: 2006-12-29 - Word Count: 391 Share This!

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in both the USA and Europe, and colon cancer is the most dangerous cancer besides lung cancer. It can be easily cured when it is in its early stages, but the problem is that is rarely shows any signs and symptoms when the tumor is isolated, so it's hard to detect it before it spreads. When it reaches metastasis, or stage IV, the chances of survival drop under 10% because in this phase it has already spread to at least one more organ. It usually spreads to the liver first, and then to the lungs.

It is hard to eliminate the cancer cells when it is in stage four. The medical approach is chemotherapy, because it can treat cancer that has spread, but it has severe side effects and it doesn't always succeed.

Few people know that diet has an important role in cancer, in all types of cancer and in colon cancer too. But remember that diet can prevent it or help the treatment, it can not cure colon cancer alone. Diet is important for those who don't have colon cancer, because if it is used properly it can prevent it by decreasing the risk factors, or if it's neglected it can seriously increase the risk factors.

One of the main food types that increases the risk factors has proven to be red meat. Doctors were suspecting this for a long time, and recent research has shown that the assumption is correct. The western diet unfortunately contains too many types of food that increase the risk not only of colon cancer, but of other diseases and disorders too.

The best diet that can prevent a colon cancer or can help the body fight it is a vegetarian diet that contains no fats, and involves eating a lot of fruits and grains, which are natural cancer-fighting substances. Of course, many refuse to eat a fully vegetarian diet. Well at least try to reduce the amount of red meat and fat that you eat to a minimum. If you just can't stay away from fat foods you can enter a support program that is designed to help people with eating disorders solve their problems.

Remember that diet has an important role in cancer and somewhere later in life you may regret that you haven't followed a healthy diet.

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