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Prostate cancer is caused by malignant tumors in the prostate gland, and is the leading cancer affecting men in America. As prostate cancer is very slow-growing, a lot of men, once diagnosed are told to take no action but just "watch and wait " for any signs of progression. The screening test for prostate cancer is named the Prostate Specific Antigen, or PSA, test. A PSA test calculates the level of PSA present in the bloodstream. One thing to note is that there is at this time some concern over the accuracy of the PSA test and its usefulness.

The lifetime chance of being diagnosed with prostate cancer is about 1 in 14. The risk of prostate cancer is a bit higher in black men than in white men. Fortunately, if prostate cancer is discovered early enough, it can quite often be cured.

Researchers have discovered that men with missing bits of a specific gene have nearly double the chance of prostate cancer compared with other men. The risk for developing this form of cancer rises dramatically the older you get, and about 60% of diagnosed cases occur in men who are more than 70 years of age.

Studies suggest that certain men may be able to reduce their chance of developing prostate cancer by eating good healthy foods and taking exercise on a regular basis, high fiber diets being especially recommended. A diet which is high in animal fat can increase the chance of prostate cancer and a diet which is high in fruits and vegetables should lessen the risk.

There are several types of treatment for patients with prostate cancer, and choosing a treatment for prostate cancer is not that easy. The problem is the treatment options for prostate cancer are not completely benign, and they all have the possibility of side effects.

Treating prostate cancer works best when the disease is discovered early. After treatmentof their primary tumors, prostate cancer in males is managed by keeping a watching brief only. In recent years, brachytherapy has emerged as a good outpatient treatment for localized prostate cancer. One important consideration is that the choice of treatment should also take into account the needs of the patient. As always, if you have any concerns, seek medical advice.

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