Food with Benefits - The Secrets of Mother Nature

by Russ the Fitness Writer - Date: 2007-08-07 - Word Count: 259 Share This!

We all have heard that an "Apple a Day" keeps the doctor away; or milk helps to build strong bones, but have you ever read the actual research results supporting those claims? Many people haven't and the reason was probably there was no easy and simple source to go.
The problem has now been solved by an innovative website called This site is the first information-only site solely dedicated to sharing the science backed research on the natural health benefits of food.

Food with has compiled and linked to research studies on dozens of foods from a number of trusted and well-known sources including Wild Blueberry Association, National Dairy Council, Michigan, Florida Tomato Committee and many more.

Consumers generally know that food is good for them. However, the majority of consumers do not understand "why" food is so healthy and that each food offers unique health benefits. The mission of Food with Benefits is to share the latest research information on the natural health benefits of everyday food.

Here some the knowledge you will gain when you visit Food with

Beans: Helps fight obesity Tomatoes: Packed with helpful antioxidants Tart Cherries: Helps fight the pain of arthritis Wild Blueberries: Helps fight the aging process Dairy: Helps build strong bones Pecans: Contains powerful omega-3

Education is vital to achieving a national health goal that will reduce future health risks and huge economic burdens on the health cares systems of the United States and countries across the globe.
Take control of your diet and learn more about the natural health benefits of food, visit

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