Big 4 Sports at Pioneer Day and Nine Days to Olympics

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With a resurgent Big Four tractor providing motivation, the Pioneer Day celebration crowned many champions last Saturday, including the other Big Four: softball, basketball, golf, and running.

In a last hurrah for long time player, manager, and sponsor, Randee Bayles of Bayles Exploration, loyal ball players rallied for a final Blue Mountain Invitational Fast Pitch Softball Tournament win. 

Bayles, whose teams have won 15 of the approximately 30 BMS tournaments, expressed before the tournament this would be his last effort.  And after finishing second the last four years, the boys of Bayles skipped to the 14-team tourney title undefeated, triumphing over Gore Construction in the championship game. 

In the drop-down tournament, two Monticello teams vied for the consolation honor with Daron coming out on top over LaBroc.

3-on-3 basketball
A Monticello High School alumini team consisting of Ian Burtenshaw, Scott Frost, and Tony Pehrson, bested all rivals in the 3-on-3 basketball tournament. Adam Black, Terek Esplin, Jake Duncan, and Rylan Goodwine were the best school-age group, while Team Freestone - Matt Freestone, Eli Johnson, and Andrew Torres - won the elementary division.

A golfing dozen
Over 150 attempts were made in the closest to the pin contest on the number three hole at the Hideout.  No one got closer than 12 year old Tanner Eardley, who used a seven iron from the white tees to get within 15 and a half feet.

Eating Loyd's dust
Jeff Hunt reports a highly successful Blue Mountain 5K race.  He reports, "It looks like Macee Nielson gave a high school cross-country preview this year as she won the 5K with a time of 19:16. 

"The next closest time was the male winner, Daniel Washington of Athens, GA, with a time of 19:45.  There were 80 runners and walkers in the 5K, with 16 kids in the kid's race. 

"We had runners from as far away as New York, Indiana, Georgia and Las Vegas.  Tyler Bird and Sara Musselman were the winners of the kid's race.  Even the Cave Guy and his too-kind-and-loving wife got in on the action, both winning their age group.  I won't tell you what group that was, we will just say it was in the higher numbers."  

13 & Under: Brandon Ramsey & Kayla MacArthur.

Under 20: Daniel Washington & Macee Nielson.

 20-29: Micah Burleson & Annie Green.

 30-39: Scott Wilmont & Aleigh Redd.

Stone age: Gary Torres & Deidree Torres.

50 & Over: Joe Peterson & Becky Peterson.

I see heaps of people out running, jogging, or walking every morning in Monticello and Blanding trying to get or stay in some semblance of shape. 

Thinking about the Olympics are you?  What does an elite athlete, such as Lindsey Anderson, a member of the 2008 US Olympic team, do? 

In part 2 of the Lindsey Chronicles, discover what it takes to be an elite athlete.  Try comparing your training schedule with hers. 

Q.  So Lindsey, what is your training schedule?

During my regular training weeks, I'm running somewhere around 80-85 miles per week.  I do two or three hard workouts each week, usually on Tuesday, Thursday and sometimes Saturday. 

These hard workouts are when I do my interval training, tempo runs, power runs, intervals with hurdles, etc. 

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I'll do distance runs of 60 minutes and afterwards I'll do speed drills, stairs, and strides.  Saturdays are my long run days when I'll go for 90 minutes. Depending on the week, I may or may not do a tempo run in the middle of it (that's where the third hard workout would come from). 

Besides my interval workouts and distance runs, I also do 30 minute morning runs five days a week.  So in sports terms I'm doing five two-a-days each week. 

I only run once on Saturday, when I have my long runs. I take Sunday's completely off.  (My day of rest!  I definitely look forward to this day!) 

I also lift weights twice a week and do a different ab workout/routine every day. As for recovery, I get ice baths (water is around 42-50°) 4-5 times per week.  They are hard to get in at first, but really help in recovery. 

And I see a sport specific massage therapist usually once per week to help keep my body injury-free and it also helps a ton with recovery.  With all of this I usually average around 4 hours per day doing all this stuff! 

Q. Who are your sponsors. How does that work?

I'm sponsored by Nike.  I have a shoe contract with them, which means that they give me all my running equipment: shoes, clothes, watches, sunglasses, etc. I also have a travel budget and I'm on a salary from which I get paid quarterly.  Nothing like Tiger Woods or anything, but it definitely helps!

Q. In your initial orientation about China, what were some of the interesting things you learned about the culture and does and don'ts?

Basically I just remember that they are very respectful of the elderly and you don't say their first name when they introduce themselves. Call them by their last name, not their first unless you are really good friends.  When you order at a restaurant it's ok to point to someone else's dish to let them know you want.  I guess a lot of Chinese people order this way. 

Q. Any sight-seeing adventures while in China?

I really want to see the Great Wall!  I don't know how much I'll be able to see before my race(s), but I'll have a few days afterwards to see some things.  I also would love to go to some of the other sports events if possible!

Q. Any heads-up on the US opening ceremony outfits?

They haven't shown us anything.  Our uniforms are mostly dark blue except the lettering. 

Q. Remember those berets from the SLC Olympics?

I'd actually forgotten about those!  I kinda hope we won't have to wear them!

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