Chocolate, The Healing Food - Healthy And Good For Your Skin!

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Here are some exciting facts that many folks might not know about chocolate. The Cacao Seed is the Healthiest form of Chocolate and is made by Chocolate Manufacturers all around the world.

Dark Chocolate is an age old treat that dates back 2000 years and when mixed with other spices was made into a Health Elixir.

This tasty desert has an old and interesting history. The Cacao Seed was discovered in the Tropical Rain Forests of the Americas and was first consumed by the Penoc Maya between the years 250 to 900 AD. It has been used in Weddings and has also been known to contain the qualities of an aphrodisiac. It was introduced to Europe in the early 1500's and was made available as a beverage for the Elite.

Although unproven, it has been said that Giacomo Casanova, the famous Italian Lover drank Cacao Beverages before he embarked on his romantic encounters.

In Barcelona in the late 1700's the first machine made chocolate was produced and then later on the chocolate bar was created by a British Chocolatier in the 1830's. This later led to gift giving of Chocolate Bars on Valentine's Day. In the late 1800's Milk Chocolate was produced in Switzerland.

Did you know that during World War II the United States shipped Cocoa Beans to the troops? It's even part of the diet of the U.S. astronauts. Today West Africa produces more than two thirds of the worlds cocoa and more than half of that is produced on the Ivory Coast.

Who said anything tasting this great has got to be?is surely bad for you? Consumed in reasonable quantities, chocolate has a wide variety of health benefits and can help you stay in good shape. Listed below are just some of its beneficial effects.

Small amounts of Dark Chocolate have been found through some studies to improve Blood Flow not only making it a Heart Healthy treat but it prevents coughs amongst many other qualities but still the average person needs to watch the quantity of consumption to avoid excess weight gain.

Pure Chocolate has the least amount of sugar and is obviously healthier for you.

The antioxidants in Pure Chocolate make it the most beneficial form of chocolate and has the same Heart Healthy qualities that are found in Fruits and Vegetables.

So you see, eating what is good for you doesn't necessarily have to leave a bad taste in your mouth.

We must remember however that feeding Chocolate of any kind to animals is highly toxic so instruct your loved ones carefully with feeding your pet any treats.

Netishop's website has Chocolate Candies of all kinds to tempt the pallets of both the young and the old and will keep you feeling young and energetic too!

Just imagine yourself all covered in Chocolate. There are Chocolate Spa's that are proven to soften the skin and Chocolate Facials to reduce wrinkles making your skin look younger. and firmer. Now isn't that a pleasant way to spend an afternoon?

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