How To Pack And Prepare For The Removalists

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To make the packing process simpler, invest a tiny amount of money to purchase good strong packing boxes. On average and from brand new expect to pay $4 per box or for a good second hand box you will pay about $2.50 each. Don't be too stingy here, sure you can go & visit your local grocery store to scavange the boxes for free. You can contend with an array of different size boxes, some with lids some without, not to mention when you or the removalists packs the truck up, you can start praying and hope it makes it to the new home in one piece.

My experience is the packing boxes are intended for just that "packing", and are much more user friendly. If your removalists Sydney does not provide them then approach your local storage sheds, they have them in various sizes to suit, and most will buy them back off you when you're finished.

When it comes to starting the arduous task it is pretty safe to say that three areas that consume the most space & time are the kitchen, linen cupboard and the garage or tool shed. Generally speaking these three junk collection areas attract mysterious hiding places that unearth items the moment you start packing. Therefore unless it is family heirlooms decide then & there do you keep it or pack it, on the understanding it will find a similar location at the new home.

Ideally if you are organised which I suggest you are unless you like paying removalists or for truck hire unnecessarily, start the packing process a week or two out prior to despatch day. If the thought of packing is too overwhelming for some consider doing a box or two a day in a room, that way before you know it your packing is good as done.

Getting back to that kitchen or linen cupboard particularly as they usually consume the most boxes and space, leave out sufficient plates, cutlery & utensils to maintain a normal life, prior to the move. Certainly for the over efficient the prospect of not having your favourite cooking pot handy because of your efficient packing strategy will either cause the need for unplanned take away food or frustration.

Equally it is important to pack the boxes either clearly marked with felt pen or with a coloured sticker or some other method of finding it at the new home. Unless you can unpack everything the day you arrive in your new home, you may find it frustrating looking for certain items that you were packed, but somewhere went into the abyss between homes. Simply plan ahead with a handful of must have boxes on the receiving end so you can find that mug for a cup of coffee or a spoon to mix it with. Sounds easy enough, although how many of us have devastated a number of boxes looking for that one crucial item.

Live your life as normal as possible particularly those with kids or pets, they start to feel a little unease when the house is thrown into disarray. You can store the completed packing boxes together in a spare room or area that will not disrupt life, and may actually speed up the removalist process on pick up day. Another handy tip when you empty a cupboard it to give it a wipe down or a scrub straight away. For those leasing a property will know how big a job it can be, having to clean a house from top to bottom in one go.

If you are a hoarder skip this paragraph, it is not for the faint hearted. A rule of thumb to consider if you are like the average citizen that moves house on average every seven years, there is plenty of opportunity to collect those "I'll need that one day" types of items. Here is the theory if you haven't used it in the last 12 months throw it. Of course if it has some sentimental value or it was your great great grandmothers then keep it. For the rest, you will be amazed at what we collect and will probably never use again. It also saves packing & unpacking not to mention the cost of moving the stuff. There are plenty of worthwhile charities or child care centres if they are toys that would appreciate your junk.

The last couple of things to consider is the unpacking. If you get to your new home & you know for certain the unpacking is going to take time then if anything focus on getting your beds set up & made, as you no doubt will be exhausted if you have executed the move yourself. The next thing which will keep life human for you is to unpack that last minute kitchen box, the last one you packed before leaving the old home, that box with all those daily used items.

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